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मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

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The Sorry State of Nuh's Heritage

8th October 2014

Naya Haryana
Nuh is 45 kms away from Gurgaon and is also the district headquarter of Mewat district. Nuh looks like a town from another era. There are some beautiful sites like the Chui Mal's water tank and the Sheikh Musa's Tomb, but they are on the verge of being destroyed by negligence. The government has not taken any steps to preserve these beautiful monuments. A boy jumps off a chhatri while other try to follow at Chui Mal's water tank in Nuh. The site dates back to more than hundred years, but it has been left uncared for too long now. The government has done nothing so far to preserve this beautiful tank. IMG_2740 Chui Mal's water tank is now covered with green algae and garbage thrown in by the locals IMG_2772 IMG_2321 A well near Chui Mal's water tank now clogged with garbage garbage clogged well at nuh The twin minarets on Sheikh Musa's Tomb are one of its kind in India. They are called shaking minarets because if one shakes a minaret the person sitting on the other minaret can feel the vibration. The minarets are in a delicate state and could crumble anytime unless proper care is taken to restore them sheikh musa's tomb Kids at the base of the Shaking twin minarets IMG_2378 Nuh looked like an ancient town out of old textbook. The city's infrastructure and development is trailing by miles IMG_2399 Garbage site - a common scene in Nuh IMG_2299

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