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नया हरियाणा

शनिवार, 24 मार्च 2018

पहला पन्‍ना English देश वीडियो राजनीति अपना हरियाणा शख्सियत समाज और संस्कृति आपकी बात लोकप्रिय Faking Views समीक्षा

Sorkhi Village

1st October 2014

Naya Haryana
Sorkhi village has no proper roads or houses, most of which are in the state of crumbling down. Dried cow dung is the major source of fuel for cooking for villagers. The pathetic condition of the road leading to the village. The road has not seen any repair in last many years IMG_3396 Kachcha houses dot the village scene with dried cow dung kept in open in the vicinity of the houses IMG_3402 Buffaloes taking a dip in the river water, the same that is used by villagers for drinking purpose IMG_3410 A woman walking on the broken road with a load on her head IMG_3412 An old house lying neglected and is in ruins IMG_3422 A non-functional water tank, characterising the lack of empathy of the government IMG_3425 A man with his buffaloes IMG_3432 Cow dung kept in open to turn it into fuel for cooking IMG_3437 A man walking with his cows on a dusty, unkempt road IMG_3447 Dirt and filth define Sorkhi village, which has a long way to go to keep pace with its modern counterparts. It's time for the government to wake up and do the needful.  

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