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नया हरियाणा

मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

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9th October 2014

Naya Haryana
The ancient town Sohna is located 24 kms south of Gurgaon. It is well connected with Gurgaon and Nuh, and is known for hot springs and an an old Shiva temple. The town is situated on the foothills of Aravalli Hills and is a popular tourists destination for short trips. In spite of being a popular tourist destination it hardly looks anything like it. The town looks shabby with garbage strewn all around. The road and streets looks as if they have not been swept for ages. A lot of work is required to turn Sohna into an acceptably clean town. Residents also need to be taught basic civic sense. The major tourist attraction in Sohna - the hot spring - is a major let down. It could be one of the coolest places, but the poor maintenance and the unhygienic state of it makes it unappealing. A pond in the middle of the city has turned green because of pollution. Apart from being a garbage and waste dumping site, there is also a pig farm near it. Occasionally pigs can be seen roaming in the nearby areas Pond has become green due to pollution at Sohna A heavy vehicle pass through a bridge that is on the verge of being crumbling down from continuous use over the years IMG_1401 A garbage dumping site right in the middle of the old market at Sohna garbage dumping site at old market, Sohna A government office at Sohna IMG_1403 A cow sits near a parking cum garbage site. There are no proper dumping sites, and residents throw garbage at every little available space IMG_1405 IMG_1407 A tailor shop in the old bazaar IMG_1406 A buffalo walks past vehicles on the Sohna main road IMG_1408 Auto rickshaws are the local means of transportation IMG_1409 A hot spring at Sohna, which is a popular tourist attraction, has been poorly maintained IMG_1410  

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