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मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

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Sheikhpura Village

29th September 2014

Naya Haryana
Sheikhpura Village is a few kilometers away from Hansi and the first village you would come across on the Hansi-Jind road. But you'll be amazed to realise how misplaced the place is. The village lacks proper sanitation and villagers live a very simple life of looking after the cattle and farms. Though it is close to Hansi, there are no government offices or institutes, except for a school. The Sheikhpura Kothi, a 7-room hotel, built in the style of French chateau near the village was listed as one of the best hotels in Hansi. But the village is nothing as glorious as the hotel. A patch of road from Hansi to Sheikhpura Village. The road also connects Hansi to Jind IMG_3149 An overloaded horse drawn wagon on the main road between Hansi and Sheikhpura Village IMG_3161 Labourers on their way to work at the main road IMG_3164 A junction at Sheikhpura Village IMG_3183 Kids washing clothes on the outskirt of the village at a canal, fed by animal wastes IMG_3168 A government school in the villageIMG_3189 A woman walks with her head covered while her companion carries a bundle of grass for the cattle. It is undeniable that they still live a hard life surrounded by many taboos IMG_3180 Sheikhpura village seems to be synonymous with taboos and pre-historic era. With nogovernment offices or institutes, surely it's an uphill task for the village to make a name for itself.

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