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मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

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Jindal Stainless Limited - Rising Health Concern for Public

27th September 2014

Naya Haryana
Jindal Stainless Limited is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel in India. It is because of this that Hisar is also known as, The City of Steel. The steel factories are spread out over a huge area on both sides of the Delhi-Hisar road. Dark, sooty smoke bellows from the high chimneys and scatter into the city sky. The close proximity of these factories to the city pose constant health threats to the city's inhabitants. Dark smoke exuding from the chimneys of Jindal Stainless Limited in Hisar - polluting the city's air. IMG_2806 The Jindal Stainless Limited in Hisar is the largest manufacturer of steel in India.IMG_2658 Railway tracks pass right through the middle of the Jindal Steel Plant.IMG_2651 IMG_2674 Main entrance to the Jindal Stainless LimitedIMG_2645 Employees sit outside Jindal Stainless Limited during a break from workIMG_2665   IMG_2667 A man walks in front of the Jindal Stainless Limited factory at HisarIMG_2676 A truck loaded with Steel ready for distribution outside Jindal Stainless Limited factory.IMG_2670 With its monstrous capacity, Jindal Stainless Limited is making strides in steel industry in India, but is it also doing its bit to safeguard the environment and people from the ill-effects of its gaseous emissions? Can the government answer this?

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