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नया हरियाणा

रविवार, 21 जनवरी 2018

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Haryana in Pictures: Bahu Akbarpur

6th October 2014

Naya Haryana

Bahu Akbarpur is a small town, 10 kms from Rohtak on the Rohtak to Hisar road. Except for the blacktop road that passed through, it very much looked like a town from another era. Houses are old and looked like they are about to crumble. The paints on the houses have come off. There are cows and bullock carts on the sideways. People still sit around idly like they have nothing much to do- taking turns smoking hookah or playing cards. Time stood still here.

Women carrying dried cow dung used as fuel in their homes. Though it is a town with proper road connectivity locals still stick to the tradition of using cow dung as fuel. Women carrying cow dung Village elders enjoying Hooka sessions in the evening IMG_3728 Men having Hukkah A man riding on a bullock cart at the main road. With all the modern transportation available, it is very much used as a means of transportation Bullock cart An old woman walks past houses near the main road Old women Houses looked old and antiquated as if they belonged to another time. IMG_3702 IMG_3711 An old man brings his cow home from the paddy field. Cattle are kept outside or even inside the house which raised concern regarding sanitation. Old man and cow A roadside shop at Bahu Akbarpur Old shop on road

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