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नया हरियाणा

मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

पहला पन्‍ना English देश वीडियो राजनीति अपना हरियाणा शख्सियत समाज और संस्कृति आपकी बात लोकप्रिय Faking Views समीक्षा

Hansi City

1st October 2014

Naya Haryana
Hansi is a city located 16 kms away from Hisar. The city has many archaeological sites. The Old Fort is another important place of interest. It covers an area of 30 acres and it is elevated from the city, which offers a good view of the surrounding places. The fort was believed to have been built by the great king Prithviraj Chauhan, who lived from 1165-1192 AD. The fort has been renovated from time to time. Now it lay in ruins and sorry state just like most of the city. The city looked old and unattended. View of old Hansi City from the Fort IMG_3053 One of the five gates to Hansi City - in a sorry state IMG_2879 A bus stand outside Hansi bus stop IMG_3132 The city is littered with garbage even at the most unexpected places IMG_2841 IMG_2820 Cow loitering on the street at Hansi main bazaar IMG_2900 A barber shop in the city IMG_2823 Women fetching water at Hansi City IMG_3025 The city looks old and uncared. IMG_3139 A cow sitting in the middle of the street at Hansi IMG_2829 Hansi city looks old and unattended. The archaeological importance of the city is lost. Is the government listening?  

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