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नया हरियाणा

मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

पहला पन्‍ना English देश वीडियो राजनीति अपना हरियाणा शख्सियत समाज और संस्कृति आपकी बात लोकप्रिय Faking Views समीक्षा

Ghadi Village

30th September 2014

Naya Haryana
Ghadi Village is around 10 kms away from Hansi. The main road to the village is water logged and is in a pathetic state. The houses are no better either. Most of the houses are in poor shape and seem to be crumbling down. Villagers draw water from a well which is adjacent to the pond where locals bring their cattle for a shower every evening. The contaminated water from the pond pose health hazards for the locals. The pathetic condition of the main road that leads to the village IMG_10 IMG_11 Crumbling brick houses in the village IMG_12 Women draw water from a hand pump on the edge of a pond, where cattle come to swim IMG_13 The unhygienic scenario of cattle and humans drinking from the same lake IMG_14 A young buffalo kept just outside the house IMG_15 Cows on the road are not a strange sight. There are more cows on road than vehicles IMG_16 A typical village alley IMG17 A typical village Verandah with beds IMG_11 Ghadi village seems to have frozen in time. From crumbling houses, water logged roads, straying animals... everything depicts the sorry affair of the village. What else can we expect from the government which can't even arrange clean drinking water for the villagers.

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