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मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

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Factories polluting Rohtak

10th October 2014

Naya Haryana
Rohtak is fast becoming an industrial city of Haryana. There are so many factories in and around it. The 70 km stretch from Rohtak to Delhi has high density of factories. The city might as well be one of the most polluted cities because of smoke emission and effluents from factories. The city's lack of basic civic sense is worrisome. One can easily come across many garbage sites even in the main market. Cows and buffaloes roam free and also add to traffic woes. A herd of cow walking down the highway at Rohtak. Crossing cows add to the traffic chaos IMG_3739 A cow and a calf hit by truck while crossing the road IMG_3743 Women with bundles of grass cut from the open field for feeding cattle IMG_3745 A market in Rohtak IMG_3746 Cold drink bottles garbage site IMG_3738 Dark smoke rising from a factory near Rohtak. There are many factories around Rohtak Dart smoke rising from a factory in Rohtak A factory near the Rohtak to Delhi HighwayIMG_3752

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