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Naya Haryana

Wed, 25 April 2018

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Do You Want to Remove the Caste System from Haryana?

Do You Want to Remove the Caste System from Haryana?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

5th August 2014

Naya Haryana
On July 28, we had asked you a question on our Facebook page:Is it possible to remove the caste system from Haryana?

The question triggered a strong reaction from many of you. Some believed that it is possible, while there were others who believed it was not possible. This is a very serious issue that not only affects our lives but those of the next generation as well. Therefore, we gave a lot of thought to your response, and decided that it was a very important subject that needed a balanced approach, taking your point of view on this very sensitive subject.

Captain Abhimanyusvision ofNaya Haryanais one where all citizens of the state get anequal opportunityto study, work and live to better their lives. Therefore, the question is: Do you want anequal opportunityto study, live and work anywhere in Haryana, according to your choice?

If the answer isyes, then the next big question comes up: Do you wantothersto also get anequal opportunity, as well? If your answer isyes, then that leads us to the most troubling question: Do youwant to remove the caste system from Haryana?

Unless youwant it removed, the caste system will continue to exist, therefore its important to ask yourself whether youwant it to continue. Any fair individual will accept that we all need to live in a society whereeveryonegets a fair chance and opportunity to work and improve their lives. And thats why its so important for you to accept that it is necessary for the caste system to beremovedfrom our society, forever. The dayyoudecide to remove caste system, that will be the day when it will be gone.

For centuries, we have had the caste system that gave more privileges to some while denying the same to others. Haryana is your state and the kind of society you wish to live in, will be determined by you.

At the time of writing this article,Vinesh Phogat, Babita, Sushil KumarandYogeshwar Dutthad all won gold medals at theCommonwealth GamesinGlasgow. Do you really care what caste they belong? We are all equally proud as Haryanvis that one of us did so well at the games, and I am sure all of you will agree that their caste does not matter and that you wish the best for them, in future. If this is true for them, then why cant we all agree that the sameequal opportunitymust be made available to all citizens of Haryana, in every aspect of life?

Imagine what it would be like to join a company at the lowest level and then be told that you will have to remain at that level for the rest of your life despite your hard work, qualifications and number of years that you have put in! Would that be fair on you?

Similarly, imagine the injustice in being denied equal opportunity to study, work and live just because you were born to one caste! If this situation is not acceptable to you in your place of work, then how can you accept this in our society?

Haryana belongs to all of us and it is now for us to make sure that we build aNaya Haryanathat is vibrant, prosperous and a friendly place to live in, where all citizens are given the same opportunity to study, live and work, as per his or her choice. It is now time to join hands and free Haryana of the caste system.

This can only happen if you sayYESto the question we asked: DoYOUwant to remove the caste system in Haryana?

Do share your views on the above for we value your opinion.

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