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नया हरियाणा

मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2018

पहला पन्‍ना English देश वीडियो राजनीति अपना हरियाणा शख्सियत समाज और संस्कृति आपकी बात लोकप्रिय Faking Views समीक्षा

A new Haryana under BJP

31st October 2014

Naya Haryana
The recent elections is adequate proof that democracy has come of age in Haryana and that the people have matured dramatically in their political and social thinking.

The results are exciting in many ways and there are several reasons for it. The biggest single change has been that for the first time a record number of female candidates were put by respective parties. This alone shows how all political parties are beginning to change in their thinking and in keeping with changing times.

The voting day saw record number of voter turnout and by extension, a record number of female voters. This again is a remarkable achievement and a confirmation that Haryana is now beginning to change, for the better. In a state that has been mired with traditional thinking, Haryana today is on the cusp of change where all stakeholders in society are willing to come together to build a progressive society and where the fruits of development can be made available to all.

The massive mandate for BJP has been given with this hope and now its for the BJP to justify this hope and give the kind of governance that the state has not seen for a long time, one where there is integrity in governance at all levels, transparency in functioning, where all sections of society are represented and their voices heard, and where there is justice for all.

The people have already signaled that they are open to change and now the new government must seize this mandate to bring about social change through massive investment in education, training and technology, giving equal emphasis to boys and girls.

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has adequately demonstrated that he is a man of action based on time targets and if the BJP were to extend that drive to Haryana, one can confidently expect a dramatic transformation in the youth in another five years.

Priorities for the state

Education and skills development

The future of Haryana lies in the quality, education and training of its youth and this has to be the top priority of the new BJP government. The 16 year olds today will be 21 years in another 5 years and they will be looking out for jobs and also be ready to vote.

Any transformation of society in Haryana has to be begin with education and the state government will do well to immediately tie-up with leading corporates to introduce technology aided teaching methods in government schools and also use technology for teacher training and upgradation of teaching skills.

The state must use technology for upgradation of vocation based technical training and also introduce soft skills training including communicating in English.

As new jobs are created in Haryana, the youth have to be ready and employable. This is line with the Prime Ministers call for India to upgrade its skills to meet global demand for skilled workers by 2020.

School infrastructure is crumbling in Haryana and all government schools need investment for upgradation. The state government will do well to collaborate with the private sector to jointly work towards the transformational programs for these schools.


Public health infrastructure and services has suffered due to lack of adequate investment in infrastructure and lack of trained medical staff. The state has to enhance the number of medical colleges and include dental, physiotherapy, nursing and bio-medical engineering courses. The state has been facing a staff shortage in all the areas and its time for state funding along with private sector investments, to upgrade the quality of medical services.

Connected to the above is the problem of malnutrition amongst the general population. The state has reported an increase in anemia cases amongst the youth, especially girls. The state has to initiate mass level programs to address this issue and a starting point could be the improvement in mid-day meal scheme, through improvement in quality and mechanization of food preparation and packaging.


Both people and industry have suffered on account of power shortage in the state. The reasons have been that Haryana has not made adequate investment in this sector to generate power for its own requirements. This needs to be corrected on priority. The new government must immediately initiate steps to identify areas to locate power projects based on fossil fuel, renewable energy and possibly gas based.

The state government must try and bring in private investment in this sector, while negotiating with PSUs like NTPC to set up more projects in the state. The state government must encourage the use of micro-renewable projects at the consumer level, to bring down dependency on the grid.

The new administration will need to review and restructure the Haryana State Electricity Board and ensure that they modernize the transmission and distribution network and also improve their financial management processes so that all power suppliers, government or private, get their payments in time and no outages occur on account of non-payment of dues.

Drinking water

This is an area that needs urgent investment and equitable distribution planning. Unfortunately the previous government did very little in this area. The state government has to make rain water harvesting mandatory in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. This has to be a peoples movement where the benefits directly accrue to the end user and the benefits are tangible and immediate.

Investments have to be made in laying last mile water pipelines to all consumers and the rural areas must not be left out as a last priority, as has been the case so far. It will be wise of the state government to include international and central agencies in this effort.


Haryana has been suffering from almost inadequate civic amenities in almost all aspects. Sewage has a direct impact with peoples health and hygiene and therefore immediate action in a phased manner must be undertaken at the village and block level for laying down a proper sewage and drainage system and this must be integrated with a modern waste management and waste recovery system. There are adequate technology solutions available and with assistance from Central and International funding, both this and drinking water projects needs to be undertaken on priority.


Both state highways and all linking roads are in a woeful condition across the state. The sector needs immediate intervention from the government. The new government will do well to break the existing contractors cartel that has been holding the state to ransom by indulging in artificial pricing, cartelization and ensuring sub-standard execution by using below par raw materials. The state has to redefine the terms of business in the state and set up transparent quality check and control mechanisms involving the end user.

Transformation of Haryana will now begin

The new government will have its hands full in addressing the mess left behind by the Hooda administration but it will do well to balance its program for change between those whose impact will be felt by the people in the short term, those in the medium term and those whose impact will be felt in the long term.

The people have voted for a Naya Haryana and its now time for all to join hands and start working towards building the same.

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