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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Youth in Haryana – the problems and some solutions

Youth in Haryana – the problems and some solutions, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

16th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Being a young man or a lady in Haryana can be a rather serious proposition and it does not really matter if one is from the urban centers or the rural locations. The state used to be an agricultural one till the time the real estate boom happened and a certain section of Haryana became very rich. The state has also seen lopsided development with certain areas such as Gurgaon growing fast thanks to it being a part of the National Capital Region and other areas languishing in relative backwardness. The worst thing is that all these situations have created some teething problems for the youth in the state.

The problems faced by the youth are completely different in the two parts of the state   the rural and the urban. In the urban areas the main problem for men is the immense amount of wealth at their disposal and their absolute lack of idea regarding what they can do with the same. As has been stated already, most of these people got rich by selling their lands to real estate giants. Most of them had seen such money for the first time in their lives and in an effort to live their days to the fullest are unmindful of what harm they may be causing to others.

There are plenty of problems related to male youths in Haryana with incidents like drunk driving, hit and run and others. Instances of young people being involved in fatal or near fatal incidents owing to irresponsible and inebriated driving are only on the rise. However, the problems faced by the ladies, especially the younger ones, in the urban centers of Haryana absolutely vanish in comparison to the problems that men might face owing to actions of the others of their ilk.

Incidents of crime against women, especially rape, are pretty common in these parts. The situation is such that areas of public entertainment like pubs and bars have become extremely unsafe for women, especially during the wee hours of night because of these reasons. Lack of awareness is a major problem in these cases as is lack of respect for women in general.

The situation is different in the rural areas. The urban and rural divide in Haryana is perhaps more pronounced in India than in any other state with the exception of some interior parts of Rajasthan. This part of the state is still steeped in tradition and wants to hold on to its age old customs that have stood the test of time. For the youth in these parts it is hard to disobey the societal diktats and forge their own lives   to make their voices heard.

More than the social problems, where the youth suffer is in terms of opportunities. The problem is more acute for the educated youth from the rural areas who want to come back to their native villages and do something constructive but are frustrated by the social conditioning and overall lack of opportunities and have to go and look for opportunities elsewhere. It is necessary that a procedure be created so that these people can be assimilated into the system at large   it is essential to empower people rather than restrict and remove them.

Introduction of western technology and ideas has created its own problems in the state in a particular generation considering its relative lack of exposure to institutional education that can prepare one for such conditions. It is also important to generate awareness by opening more schools and colleges. It is also necessary to provide more opportunities to work for the youth in the state so that their energies are channeled in the right way.

The administration in Haryana, as well as the Hindi belt in general, also needs to change its perception of incidents like rape and honor killing and mete out harsher and more decisive punishment till the time people are aware enough to not commit these criminal acts anymore.

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