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Naya Haryana

Mon, 1 March 2021

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Yamuna Nagar: Overall Problems in the District and Their Solutions

Yamuna Nagar: Overall Problems in the District and Their Solutions, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

26th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Yamuna Nagar is a city in the Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana. It is primarily known for plywood, metal and utensils industries. But amidst this, it has its own share of problems and loopholes.

To begin with, the river Yamuna that runs through it, according to media sources, receives around 200 million litres of domestic and non-domestic waste that is discharged by Haryana into it every day. This waste not only pollutes the river but also make its water unfit for drinking. Moreover, the pollutant in water finds its way into the people's drinking water.

In an RTI query it was revealed that Yamuna Nagar has around 176 polluting industries, out of which six were major polluters. This grim situation has resulted because of heavy industrialisation along Panipat and Yamuna Nagar, which make heavy metals flow freely into the water. The polluting of river causes serious health hazards not only to the people of Haryana but also to the people of its neighbouring city Delhi.

The major step that can be taken to reduce this can include stopping the industries from releasing the pollutants into water, and if it cannot be totally avoided, then all steps should be taken to treat the pollutants before releasing them into water. Both Haryana and the Central Pollution Control Board, according to a report, admit that Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) do not treat all the waste, which results in them passing into the river. Although the state has made it mandatory to install ETPs, they are either not being utilised properly or are themselves inefficient to treat the effluents well. The state must enhance its requisite sewage treatment capacity, which is currently nowhere near to the required numbers.

It was also reported that during last year, with almost half of the academic session gone by, students of government schools were not provided with the free books under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, which had hit the studies of the students. This had also made three or four students share one book in some schools. Such gross instances of playing with the future of the children should be checked and steps should be taken to restrain such things taking place in future.

Last year, the thermal plants built by Reliance Infra in the region received poor quality Chinese equipment along with shoddy workmanship, as has been acknowledged by Haryana Generation Power Corporation Limited (HPGCL). It was also noted that engineers faced difficulties in reading and understanding the designs of boilers, auxiliaries and turbines, which were written in Chinese language. The government must take steps to be self reliant in this direction, instead of relying on substandard Chinese replacements.

Dwindling coal stocks at the Khedar plant is another cause of concern in the region. Along with it, the coal consumption of the Chinese thermal units is also high, which adds to the cost of power generation. Coal procurement should be regularised and buffer stock needs to be maintained to take care of this problem.

Yamuna Nagar is one of the four districts in the state that is malnourished. On an average, around 35% children are underweight, while 14% are suffering from wasting. Children should be saved from such malnutrition that may not only adversely affect their health but can also cause their death. Timely, free health check ups, along with the guidance, should be provided to the needy children.

Yamuna Nagar also lacks serious employment opportunities. There is a dearth of established commercial entities in the region, which forces youth to migrate to other places in search of jobs. The government must make the place attractive for the corporate world to let them set up their offices in the region. Along with all these problems, the region faces the problems of transportation, electricity and concrete roads. These issues need to be resolved in order to let Yamuna Nagar compete with the best in the country.

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