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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Women Empowerment in Haryana: The Way Forward

Women Empowerment in Haryana: The Way Forward, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

6th June 2014

Naya Haryana

A society's mark of progress and diminishing rates of poverty is known by the opportunities it provides to its women, ranging from educational facilities to empowerment provisions. Women empowerment, in the context of the socio-political milieu of Haryana, though escalating in numbers, stands at a critical juncture. While Haryana does have an increasing number of excellent educational institutes, which ensure that the youth can meet global challenges so far as empowerment is concerned, the question to ask is whether the facility is available in equally for young girls and women, who face a number of social hazards? When one envisions a Haryana which echoes the notion of 'Sabka Haryana, Sabki Pragati', (Haryana for everyone, development for all) one must also address the key feature in this story equitable distribution of resources and opportunities to both the male and female populations of the state.

Women empowerment in Haryana rests majorly on the connectivity that the state shares with Delhi, the national and educational capital of the country. Haryana shares Delhi's lucrative prospects of work for women, which helps more and more women to remain employed.

One fact that is characteristic of Haryana is its sex ratio indicator. Due to unwarranted female foeticide, which here is one of the highest across the country, Haryana presents a gloomy gender ratio of 877 women per 1000 males, as per the 2011 Census. In other words, in the societal structure of the state, the girl child is not looked up to. The girl child, if reared, is, in most instances, not provided bright chances in education, health and food, in comparison with the male counterpart of the family. This imbalance in opportunities results squarely from the attitude towards women. A  Naya Haryana  we envision will create further balance between society's attitude to the son and the daughter, not making differences between them. More informed communication with the people, exchanges, educational workshops, debates and discussions on these issues, will ensure success in this regard. This will enable more and more women will grab the best opportunities in empowerment, in every sector of the economy, from agriculture to industrial technology (IT).

Women empowerment will be further achieved if better conditions of safety and security in the public space can be ascertained. Violence and crime against women often leads to the latter dreading to frequent the public spaces late into the evening and the night, which their working circumstances demand. Especially in industrial hubs like Gurgaon, Sonipat and others, frequented by a large chunk of the workforce on a daily basis, protection to women must be ensured in greater degree. The role of the police, along with different surveillance mechanisms, becomes imperative in this regard.  A 'Sukhi Haryana' is a state of tranquility, where the domain of the public space is filled with equal sets of quantity and quality protection to its population, men and women.

 A Ray of Hope is indispensable when women are provided opportunities to balance the demands of the home and the challenges of their job, which they have to juggle on a daily basis. This can be ascertained with more infrastructural advancements towards this holistic role that women play in the society. Effects of gender inequality must be minimised for women to have greater and better participation in empowering themselves.

The government's role in bringing about gender equality, providing more security in the public spaces for women, building better rules of work culture for women in the offices, making sex-determination of the foetus illegal, etc., must be highlighted. Women's access to the resources in the society must be looked upon as a right that they are entitled to. The catchphrase, Naya Haryana, Sabka Haryana makes much meaning when women can come out in the streets in larger numbers than at present. In such improved conditions, Haryana's show of superiority in empowering women will be but inevitable.

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