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Naya Haryana

Wed, 2 December 2020

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Why is 'Road Rage' in Haryana breaking all records?

Why is 'Road Rage' in Haryana breaking all records?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

25th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Once rare in the state of Haryana, ‘road rage’ has today broken all records in this northern Indian state. Aggressive behaviour of drivers on road, leading to rash driving and violent accidents on the roads, has become an everyday nuisance that commuters have to deal with in the state. In a recent show of extreme recklessness of road rage, the violent behaviour of an MLA from a political party was reported to the police, for having behaved badly with a woman on road, and thrashing her husband. Even a minor quarrel in the streets of the state can lead to the participants taking law into their own hands, and snuffing out lives at random. How does one deal with these increased instances of road rage?

It is clear that economic boom is responsible for the presence of more vehicles on the already crowded roads of Haryana, which is witnessing heavier traffic on its streets, causing a major hurdle in smooth commutation. More and more people are using their private conveyance instead of public transport. Thus speeding and aggressive acceleration has become synonymous to travel in the state, leading to shrunk driving spaces. Everyday traffic jams extending for hours has reduced the tolerance levels of commuters. The state government must, first of all, increase the infrastructural and technological amenities of massive motorable roads and build more bridges, so that the daily passengers do not have to suffer traffic-related assaults.

Lax law and order is one of the main reasons for road rage in the state. The state government should not remain negligent of implementing stricter road rules, so that the commuters do not take law into their own hands. It is necessary that surveillance technologies be utilised at every crucial juncture, so that movements and behaviour of rash commuters could be noticed.

Primarily, government must induce awareness among the people over the extremely dangerous effects of road rage, that prove to be fatal almost every time. Not indulging in verbal or physical fights over instances of assault but immediate reporting to the police is the primary responsibility of the commuters. The other measures that must be taken are: avoiding an eye contact with the assaulter, not responding to his comments and running away from the place of incidence and noting down the registration number of the vehicle. Ignorance is bliss, when it comes to such unnecessary confrontations on road. At the same time, the commuters must remember to not prioritise their need for speed, frayed tempers and competitive driving skills over the precious lives of others.

Education courses in driving must be made compulsory in the state, which will not only cater to the technicalities of driving, but also inculcate road ethics in the population.

Road rage in Haryana has reached threatening proportions precisely because the administration has not considered it a peril for so long. Merely sentencing some handful people to some years behind bars cannot help in eradicating the issue. The government must address the issue by first comprehending the many reasons which give rise to such frequent unpleasant brawls and delinquencies, either verbal or physical. Stringent and unambiguous laws must take the place of the government’s callous attitude. Driving must be a pleasurable exercise and not the one wherein the commuter is constantly worried of chaos and mishap on the roads. Naya Haryana, our dream of a better Haryana, will ensure maximum care to reduce road rage in the state.


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