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Naya Haryana

Mon, 20 May 2019

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Why Haryana is Prone to an Epidemic?

Why Haryana is Prone to an Epidemic?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

2nd July 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana's rising levels of improper waste management is a grave concern among environmentalists and different strata of the population in Haryana. High levels of both industrial and domestic waste cluttered, especially in the urban spaces, have made living quite risky in the industrial urban belts like Gurgaon and Faridabad. If an epidemic breaks out now, is Haryana prepared to handle it? The answer clearly is in negative.

When does an epidemic breaks out in a particular region? An epidemic is either the cause of unhygienic everyday living or the germ is borne by carriers like water and air. The present mismanagement of resources in Haryana has led to hazardous pollutants present in both air and water. The epidemic germs and viruses find such impure resources germane for their growth, thus spreading like fire throughout the state. With the depleting levels of water-table in Haryana, water itself has become a scarcity in the state. Coupled to it is the rise of pollutants in water, which not only make it unfit for local consumption, but turn into the birthplace of deadly epidemic diseases like cholera.

Another important source for epidemic diseases is waste, which can be fed upon by rats and locusts which cause the growth of an epidemic in a region. These insects breed upon scattered wastes, carrying the deadly poisonous germs and affecting people in bulk.

The state administration, with its present infrastructure and techniques, is unfit to cope with an epidemic, if it may so happen. This ineffective governance of the present Haryana government has not induced the basic requirements of a healthy living in the different quarters, whether urban, rural or suburban spaces. Proper waste management is missing in the agenda of Haryana's governance, coupled with irregular surveillance and strategic controlling capacities to be maintained. This has given rise to unwarranted growth of toxic wastes in the resources, which the government needs to control urgently.

Another dimension of callousness in the present status of administration is the lack of awareness among the people, which has further aggravated the problem of unhealthy living within the state. Workshops and educational programmes, which are a key to awareness among the masses, are conspicuous by their absence within the dictums of present governance. The population must be made aware of the ill-effects of unhealthy everyday practices, and must be made more conscious of their role to stop the spread of epidemics in Haryana. Sadly, the government is silent on this most vital issue.

On a final note, let us make the Haryana government answerable for its lack of accountability if an epidemic claims lakhs and lakhs of lives, which is not far-fetched given the pathetic state of affairs in the state. Naya Haryana must ensure a more responsible government, so that they value the lives of millions of people by providing them the basic amenities that don't give rise to deadly spread of epidemics in this landlocked state.

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