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Naya Haryana

Thu, 3 December 2020

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Why Haryana is Far Behind in Sports Like Basketball and Football?

Why Haryana is Far Behind in Sports Like Basketball and Football?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

2nd July 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana, which contributes actively to games like cricket, wrestling, boxing, kabaddi, etc., lack participation in football and basketball. This state has a potential to have an active involvement in these games, but there are not enough skilled players who can take part in them and represent the state. The people of Haryana generally have a strong built, and are tall and broad, which is a plus point for them to fit into these sports. The physical appearance of the Haryanavi people can be an asset for these games, if they are given the right direction and platform. The state government needs to provide them with necessary facilities and opportunities in this direction.

There are very few football and basketball stadiums in Haryana. As compared to other states, there is an absence of such places where these sports can be played and practiced. The government needs to play an important role in this segment and should provide better sports stadiums in the state. Its intervention in this regard is very essential to prosper these sports in the state.   

The government of Haryana should capitalise on its young generation, so that better avenues can be opened for growth in the international arena. The youngsters are required to be attracted towards these games. Adequate facilities should be available for them such as more training institutes, better infrastructure for sports, and coaching and guidance for the games. Academies should be set up to offer training and coaching to the aspiring sportspersons. For an improved market for these sports in India, it is necessary that a structured development programme should be made with the intention of producing better players.

There are a large number of sports enthusiasts in India who follow these sports and the international league, but not the Indian league as they are aware of the poor performances of the Indian teams. Therefore, it is essential that the ranking and performance of the teams should improve for these sports. The skills for these sports should be made available from the elementary level and therefore, the schools and colleges should provide such sports facilities to their students. Teachers and coaches should be hired who can guide the students. If these facilities are available in Haryana, it will be in a position to produce more skilled players in these sports.

The state government has to make sure that the resources available in Haryana are aptly used in sports. The resources, if better utilised, can open up better opportunities for the state at international level. The optimum utilisation of these resources can be fruitful for the state as they can not only bring fame to the state but can also add to its economic development. 


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