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Naya Haryana

Mon, 26 October 2020

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Which areas in Haryana need development?

Which areas in Haryana need development?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

17th June 2014

Naya Haryana

When one speaks of Haryana, one thinks of the immense technological and industrial progress that has been made in the last few years. However, the true test of a state's progress lies in the extent of development achieved in the so-called hinterlands. Bhiwani, for example, is one area which is in need of some dire attention as far as development is concerned. The hamlet has been made famous by boxer Vijender Singh, but in all these years it has not progressed far in terms of development.

Gurgaon, which is probably a prominent city in Haryana because of the number of companies that have made it their home and its overall urbane look and feel, is said to have less than desirable roads, which is a shame indeed. One of the common problems in Haryana is the lopsided nature of development   this is evident in the way many people feel aggrieved over the amount of attention being given to Rohtak. They feel that the CM is devoting too much resource and energy in developing this part of the state and in the process neglecting the other areas. Some are even of the opinion that if one visits Jhind one would understand how the fruits of development have reached the various parts of the state.

Ambala is one place which supposedly does not get any electricity or water supply for 4 hours in a day. Haryana is supposed to provide electricity for 24 hours across the state but this piece of information comes as a serious contravention for the same. The condition is not much different at places like Jhajjar, Panipat, Mandauthi, Rewari, Mahandargarh, Narnaul, Hissar, Sonepat, Manesar, Sirsa, Uchana, Uklana, Sampla, Gohana, Hansi, Mevat, and Kosli.

However, breaking off from the places when one focuses on the issues that are plaguing the state at present the first thing that comes to people's minds is the present condition of roads, which is stated to be terrible. This is again a major eye opener considering how Haryana supposedly boasts of a well developed network of roads.

Employment is a key issue in this case as well. Some people have also pointed to areas such as electricity, water, water for irrigation, guaranteed levels of income and education as major areas where the state administration needs to be more attentive. There have been also calls for land administrators to stand trial for the way they have carried out their responsibilities over the years.

Industrial development in Haryana is limited only to a couple of prominent centres as per people and for the state to experience all-round development it is essential that it reaches more parts of the state. In case of government jobs it is also important to provide equal opportunities to people from various parts of the state.

The state also needs to improve its provision of clean water, proper standards of food and take measures to stop the occurrence of diseases. Corruption is a critical problem as well. It has also been opined that infrastructural development is a major issue considering there are a number of districts where even the basic amenities are not forthcoming.

Law and order, or rather the laxity of the same is a major issue for many people in Haryana. It is also necessary to have a security cell that caters exclusively to women as well as a grievance cell that allows people in the lower strata of society to convey their issues and complaints to higher authority like village sarpanch or councillors in case of cities and towns. It is also important to have a strong Right to Information division that is given due importance by the senior officials as well as the CM.

It is also well worth to construct an employment exchange which will provide opportunities for work to qualified and willing professionals as and when as required. Job related training is also necessary as far as human resource development of the state is concerned.

Transport infrastructure, especially buses, is an area of concern and it is important to improve it, especially during the nights, which is when people need it the most. The state also needs to address its woeful ratio of women to men in order to bring about a greater semblance of balance in the society.

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