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Naya Haryana

Wed, 24 February 2021

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We Finally Abolished the Interview System for Recruitment

We Finally Abolished the Interview System for Recruitment, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

12th November 2014

Naya Haryana

It was the BJP that protested and vehemently opposed the interview system for recruitment in Haryana, when it was first introduced by the Hooda administration. Our opposition to this back door means for corruption finally led to the system being abolished by our party, given the wide negative publicity it received.

In the run up to the withdrawal of the interview system, we had earlier this year invited your views through this blog on whether you approved or disapproved the interview process as a means for selecting a potential candidate. We were overwhelmed by the response, both in terms of responses received and the unanimous opposition to the system.

It was your voice that gave us the confidence to push for its abolition and in the very first Cabinet meeting held on 27th October this year, we took the decision to abolish this corrupt practice of recruitment. The voice of the people of the state was heard.

From the outset, it was very clear that the Hooda administration was seeking ways and means to beat the system and create avenues for its staff to make money. This was a perfect opportunity as candidates could now be pre-screened and identified for who was to get selected, depending on his ability to pay. Now, this was not official but it is also no secret that the Hooda administration was corrupt and that corruption had seeped down to all levels of party and government.

Imagine a young man or woman, who has spent years trying to pursue his/her education with the hope that someday he or she will work for the government and be in a position to sustain the family that nurtured the individual. After years of waiting for the right qualification, you go through the detailed process of filling in an application and finally await the results of a written test. Once that is cleared, then you look forward to that important day in your life when you face an interview board, a meeting that will change the course of your life.

You get called inside and the process of questions and answers follow. When you finally come out, there is a feeling that it went well and there was a real possibility of being selected. And then when the final list is announced you find all your dreams and hopes of landing a job with the government stand shattered. Your name is not on the list.

If you do muster enough courage and dig deeper, you discover that quite a few of the individuals who did get selected, actually scored much less than you, but ended up scoring much higher in the interview. Now you are left wondering what went wrong and who to appeal to. The fact is that someone else paid off somebody to ensure that he or she scored higher marks in the interview.

No, this is not a fantasy but reality of how the recruitment process works. And BJP stood up to oppose this all along. It is our opposition to the interview system which received wide publicity that finally we took the decision to abolish the system.

With your support, the BJP has won the elections with a majority and now the challenging process of building a Naya Haryana has started. The new administration is very clear that there is no place for corruption in the state.

The BJP firmly believes that the future of Haryana lies with its youth and therefore, the best must get a free and fair chance to prove one's ability and qualification through a written test and face a free and neutral interview process, thereafter. While the government is in the process of fine tuning the system, which will ensure an unbiased selection process, there are several suggestions that have come forward.

This is your blog and we want to hear your voice, as it matters to us. We once again ask you to suggest how you wish to improve the recruitment system, so that it is free and fair to all. In Naya Haryana, there is equal opportunity to all men and women, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, or economic status.

One thing is clear, that our government wants the best talent in the state to work for the government, as the coming days will require only the best, if we have to ensure that Haryana emerges as a vibrant and prosperous state.

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