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Naya Haryana

Sat, 23 January 2021

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Need for Vocational Training to benefit Haryana

Need for Vocational Training to benefit Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

10th June 2014

Naya Haryana

In vocational training, people are imparted with specific skills such as those required for engineering, nursing, medicine and accountancy jobs. In India, the vocational training is given to the people on a full-time or part-time basis. The full-time training is offered through the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) which comes under the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. On the other hand, part-time programmes are offered by the universities in India, which also offer full-time courses.

As vocational training is available to the people in India, Haryana is far behind in providing the vocational training opportunities to its youth. Haryana is an agriculturally rich state and has many unorganized industries and small scale businesses. The lack of proper vocational training to be provided to the youth of Haryana, is restricting the overall production and growth of the state. Trainings like Craftsmen Training, Apprenticeship Training, Crafts Instructions, etc. can bring better opportunities for the state. As per studies, there will be more jobs in the markets in the future for the skilled and trained workers. The vocational education encourages people to go for the attainment of specialised knowledge and skills.

There is a department of Industrial Training in Haryana, which aims at providing vocational and skilled training to the youth. There is hardly any awareness amongst the youth that it provides training at nominal fees to the students. It is essential for a state like Haryana to have more vocational institutes, as there can be ample opportunities for the students and youth in Haryana. It can also help the youth in contributing towards the better industrial productivity in the state. For instance, skilled labourers and workers in Haryana can improve the agricultural productivity, which is also the main occupation of the majority of the population of Haryana. The vocational training can help people start small scale business and industries. Besides providing vocational training, it is also important for the government to generate more jobs and improve the job market with similar trained jobs.

Haryana needs growth and development from all the spheres and industries. Vocational training can help the youth and the state to grow and prosper. There should be more vocational colleges for the people. Women-oriented courses should be encouraged, so that the women of the state should become educated, skilled and independent in their lives. The development of training programmes should be done at the state level in such a way that it can make people compete at the national level. The development is essential for a Naya Haryana vision and for the development of the state. The Naya Savera may bring new hopes and open dimensions for the state for the achievement of the vision of Naya Haryana.


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