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Naya Haryana

Sat, 23 January 2021

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Sex Ratio in Haryana and Unabated Growth of Sex Determination Test Centres in Haryana

Sex Ratio in Haryana and Unabated Growth of Sex Determination Test Centres in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

5th July 2014

Naya Haryana

The sex ratio in Haryana is nearly the lowest in comparison to other states in India. According to census 2011, the sex ratio in Haryana is 879 women per 1000 men. The skewed ratio proves that there are factors which are responsible for this rate. The people in this state do not want a girl child, and female foeticide is highly practiced here. But how do they get to know that it is a female egg, which is required to be killed in the mother's womb? It is identified through a sex determination test, which is a widely practiced act in the state.

The centres for sex determination are mushrooming day by day. There are numerous such centres which are located in several parts of the state. Under the 1994 Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PNDT), it is illegal in India, but, in Haryana it is widely followed and practiced. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department and the Health Department, about 37,000 girls are killed in the state before they are born.

These centres are generally run by private practitioners, and there is frequent news about the arrests of doctors for practicing this illegal act. It is a common practice which has been followed in the state quite openly. Recently, a racket was busted which was involved in this crime. It is surprising to find that they used to take this test on a portable ultrasound machine. The machine is so small that it can be carried in a pocket. This brought a light on these dangerous trends which have been practiced here. As it has been discovered that such machines are being used here, it is important to ban these portable devices from being sold in the open market. Also, licencing should be made mandatory for buying and using such machines.

Another reason for these grooming centres is poor conviction rate against them. According to sources, the easy escape by doctors even after their arrest makes them continue with such illegal practices. There are many cases which are pending in the court and many where the culprits are discharged soon. Moreover, no strict punishment is drafted in our law which can scare these people from practicing this heinous crime. It is necessary that stricter laws are imposed in the state, so that the practitioners or doctors and the people of the state stay away from such practices. A special team or authority should be formed to inspect and raid the private clinics in the state, especially in the rural areas, to keep a check on such illegal practices.

Only forming of laws and declaring sex determination as an illegal practice will not suffice the cause of saving the girl child. Some strict measures are required to be adopted to put a stop on this offence. Strong ethical code for doctors should be made. Awareness about the cause through publicity, media, TV and NGOs should be spread among the people. Women empowerment and save the girl child  should be the objective of the people and the state. These centres focus on maximising their profits, and if this is not controlled, there will be a massive decline in the sex ratio. They are required to be stopped at the earliest. Women will be respected and girl child will be saved and protected in Naya Haryana.

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