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Naya Haryana

Mon, 19 April 2021

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Town in Focus: Indri

Town in Focus: Indri, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

30th August 2014

Naya Haryana

Indri is a town and Municipal Committee in Karnal district, located on Highway 7. The town has a population of around a lakh and the main occupation is agriculture.

Due to the rich soil in the region, Indri gets a good crop of wheat, paddy, sugarcane and vegetables.

When we discuss the features of a town there are always some positives to speak about, like its history or historical places but sadly, Indri is an unfortunate town and one can only speak of its problems and issues that people face in their day-to-day lives. This is a town that has been consistently neglected by the state administration, purely because the people have mostly elected representatives from the opposition parties rather than the ruling one. And in response, the state has almost abandoned the people of Indri.

Let's first begin with the fact that there are indications that Indri may have some significance in terms of archaeological history. It is said to have an old fort that is presently buried under mud and sand and spread over an area of around 7 to 8 acres. This site, if excavated, could yield some interesting facets of history and could have a potential to boost tourism in the area. But strangely, the present Hooda government has shown no inclination or interest in exploring the area that could well bring some prosperity to the region.

Take a look at the problems that the forgotten people of Indri face:

Roads in Indri

The condition of roads within Indri and those connecting Indri to nearby villages is in terrible condition, with no work been done to repair or maintain them. People are facing severe hardship in commuting within and to nearby areas. During monsoons the area gets severely waterlogged and is extremely dangerous for people, cattle and vehicles due to many pot holes. Despite frequent demands from the local people to invest in developing the roads, almost no work has been undertaken here.

Transportation in Indri

There are no bus services connecting nearby villages to Indri. There are approximately 105 villages under Indri and the people have a major challenge to travel between these places, as the state has not provided any buses in the area and people have to travel using the limited number of private autos that operate there. Very often, the people have to travel on rooftops, at great risk, as the road conditions are terrible and injuries common. This has been a long standing demand of the local people to start bus services in the area but the state government has turned a deaf ear to Indri.

Health in Indri

There is very little in terms of state government health services infrastructure in the area. The government run public health centres are in a pitiable condition which are extremely poorly maintained and with very little equipment or facilities to offer. The toilets in these are in a terrible condition with no one maintaining them.

The situation is so bad that there is a severe shortage of doctors in the area. You will be surprised to know that the health centres have no female doctor available to attend to female-related emergencies. Women and children, especially, have to face great risk due to lack of adequate equipment. In case of emergencies, people have to travel to places like Karnal. But the road condition within Indri and in nearby villages is so bad that reaching Karnal poses a major challenge. During monsoons, the situation gets even worse.

Education in Indri

There are no engineering or medical colleges in the area. There are no polytechnics to train the youth in vocational jobs. There are no training centres for training women to undertake vocational training. After years of neglect, it was on the initiative of one Shri Deshraj (late), who in 1997 laid the foundation for setting up Shaheed Udham Singh College, the only college in the area. In 2005, once Congress came to power, the Chief Minister Shri B. S. Hooda, converted the college to a state government one and now this is the only college operating in the area. That too was started on private initiative.

School education is suffering on account of the poor condition of government run schools and the lack of well-trained teachers. The schools lack furniture and the condition of blackboards is bad. There is barely any electricity supply and no fans, therefore the children have to sit in sweltering conditions during summer months. How can any state hope to develop quality citizens with this approach to education?

Housing in Indri

There has been almost no investment from the state to build houses for the weaker sections of society. Whatever covered spaces that have been built are mostly unplanned and from private capital. The condition of most houses are bad and are at risk of collapse. The conditions in the villages are even worse.

Municipal Services in Indri

This is nonexistent as the town ofIndriis one big garbage dump. There is virtually no Nagar Palika functioning, with filth collecting everywhere. During monsoons, the water from nearby Yamuna overflows and flood the areas, thereby resulting in diseases. Each year, Indri suffers from various disease outbreaks, during and post monsoons.

The town, as in most other towns of Haryana, has no properly functioning sewage system, therefore, filth spilling on to the roads is a common sight. Public toilets are either non-functional or shut, as a result, people use any common space that's available and further increasing risk of diseases to spread.

During monsoons, the roads of Indri get water logged and people have a terrible time moving in and out of Indri. The state government has not bothered to implement any projects to improve the situation.

Employment in Indri

Due to the fact that Indri has been ignored by the state government, there are no industries here. Despite the area producing several crops, there are no food processing units here that could have provided job opportunities to the local people.

Furthermore, no industrial units have come up here either and the youth have no avenues for either employment or any other activity.

Sports in Indri

The youth of Haryana is very interested in sports and adventure activities and are active participants whenever they get the opportunity. Despite the potential available, no investment has been made in the area to promote or develop sports. Boys and girls have no option to keep themselves occupied or pursue any activity, be it sports or cultural.

Indri lacks community halls and temples, where the people could congregate for festivals. There are no parks either, a long standing demand of the local people.

As you can see from the above, Indri has been deliberately punished for a long time and the people continue to lead miserable lives due to state apathy.

This has to change. The people of Indri are citizens of Haryana too, and we cannot have development in a place like Gurgaon and completely ignore another area like Indri. Haryana was formed in 1966 but in 2014, we find that not much has changed for Indri and time seems to have stopped here.

We cannot allow the situation to remain like this. It is time for the people of Indri to claim their rights, it is time for a Naya Haryana.

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