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Naya Haryana

Mon, 26 October 2020

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Town in Focus: Narnaund

Town in Focus:  Narnaund, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

9th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Narnaund, is an emerging city and block in the Hisar district of Haryana. Located on the Hansi   Chandigarh Highway and 52 kms from Hisar, it lies in close proximity to Hansi (22kms) and Jind (25 kms). There are 30 villages that fall under Narnaund's jurisdiction.

The town's name has also been associated with Narad Muni, from Indian mythology, who is said to have hailed from here. The population is around 2 lakh, with 80% people involved in agriculture and related activities.

People and places of Narnaund 

One of the most respected citizens of Narnaund has been Chaudhary Mitrasen Sindhu, who hailed from village Khanda Kheri. An acclaimed industrialist, social worker and an active member of the Arya Samaj, he was actively involved in social activities like supporting the underprivileged by establishing ashrams for their educations and care. The government later recognised his contribution for social upliftment and honoured him by releasing a stamp in his name.

Some other people to bring honour to the region have been former Union Minister, Jaswant Singh who hailed from village Khanda Kheri, and former minister Chaudhary Virender Singh who has won the Narnaund seat four times and a well-known politician from the region.

Successful sportspersons from the area include Abhinav Lohan, who is a golfer and Silver medalist in the Asian Games, female Kabaddi champion players Khushboo and Suman hails from Village Nada and Anita Lohan, who is a female wrestler from Narnaund.

Narnaund is known for its Main Bazaar, which is a focal point for a lot of trading activity. The Devraj temple is very popular and has large number of devotees visiting the temple, especially on Ekadashi.

In the region is Rakhi Garhi, a site of historical and archaeological importance that dates back to the Harappan period. The ASI has made some important discoveries and has a lot of potential to be developed as a tourist spot.

Narnaund in political crossfire

Narnaund has traditionally been an anti-Congress constituency, as result there has been very little development undertaken in the last 10 years. In 2009, Bhajan Lal won from this seat. The present sitting MLA, Saroj Mor, has not been able to succeed in getting the state government to undertake any major development in the area. Narnaund has been a politically active region and came into the news when it organised the Khap Mahapanchayat in Narnaund, in 2009.

Problems being faced in the area

Narnaund is a victim of political chess play and it's the people that have suffered the most. Their fault? To consistently vote against the Congress party that has been in power for the last 10 years. In turn, the Hooda administration has ensured that Narnaund remained on its lowest priority.

Narnaund remains a Block

Narnaund is one of the oldest blocks in Haryana and the local demand for upgrading Narnaund's status to a tehsil has not been agreed to till date. This would have helped in improving the overall economy of the area but has continued to remain on the people's wish list.

No rail connectivity

Another major demand of the locals has been to bring Narnaund on the railway map. Currently, Narnaund remains dependent on road transport and this is hindering development in the area. None of the local politicians have succeeded in convincing the state government to make rail connectivity of Narnaund a priority, since the Hooda government seems to have other priorities rather than invest time and attention on an area that has not supported it politically.

Poor education infrastructure

Very little effort has been made by the state government to invest and upgrade the education infrastructure, both at the secondary school level, as also the higher education. Thus, denying the next generation from Narnaund, a better chance to improve their lives.

There are no Engineering or Medical colleges in the Narnaund. The people have been demanding the setting up of an engineering college here but the state government has continued to remain insular. The only post-school education and training facility is the ITI located here.

Poor healthcare infrastructure

The Public health centres in the area are suffering from a lack of well-trained doctors, nurses and lab technicians, very poor level of maintenance of premises, very few functioning medical equipment and inadequate number of beds. The erratic power supply only makes the level of healthcare turn worse.

Narnaund town a mess

The town is suffering from very poor sewage and drainage infrastructure. The local administration is virtually non-existent in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene in the town. Garbage and filth collected is a common sight and during the monsoons the town turns into a nightmare with overflowing sewage.

The roads in Narnaund and nearby villages are in an extremely bad condition and require urgent maintenance. Due to very little traffic control, negotiating through the town during peak hours has become a major problem. The roads have very little by way of functioning street lighting and security in the region is minimal.

Lack of clean drinking water

Availability of clean drinking water reaches crisis point during the peak summer months. Even through rest of the year, clean drinking water is not available to most residents of Narnaund, leave alone those in villages, who have been ignored for a long time, anyways. The area lacks canal irrigation, again a long standing demand of the locals.

High unemployment

The Hooda administration has been guilty of neglecting the area and doing nothing to bring fresh investments to the region. The lack of industrial units has only made the employment situation worse.

Narnaund is a major centre for grain trading and has very good agricultural production each year. Despite this, the state government has offered little assistance in setting up new agro-based units in the area that could have helped ease the unemployment situation.

The youth of the area are very interested in sports and outdoor activity but there is no infrastructure to address and harness this potential. It is indeed sad to see the state government's callous attitude towards Narnaund. It remains an unanswered question whether Narnaund would have been any better if it had voted in favour of the Congress party? Would Hoodaji have been more magnanimous to the local people, who also happen to be citizens of Haryana?

Time for a Nayi Soch

The last 10 years of the Hooda regime has been one of total neglect for the people of Narnaund region, and now the people have realised that there is no further hope of any improvement to the region or their lives. They realise that the time has come for a Nayi Soch that will help in realising a better and a more prosperous Naya Haryana.

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