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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Town in Focus: Chhachhrauli

Town in Focus:  Chhachhrauli, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

11th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Chhachhrauli is a Tehsil in the Yamunanagar district of Haryana. Chhachhrauli has 75 villages under its jurisdiction with a total population of 3.36 lakh.

The area is located close to the state border of U.P, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Chhachhrauli is known for its grain mandi where nearby villages bring their produce for sale. The main crops grown are wheat, rice and sugarcane.

Place in history

Chhachhrauli was established in 1760 by Raja Gurbaksh Singh of the Kalsian royalty, who decided to make this place his capital. He took initiative to build a fort along with all facilities that included residence, the Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e-Aam for his official meetings and a jail. Till independence the last ruler was Raja Ravi Sher Singh. After independence, in 1951 the Kalsian estate became part of PEPSU. Once Haryana was formed in 1966, Chhachhrauli came under Haryana and continues as a tehsil.

Potential as a tourist site

The fort is in a state of neglect, but due to its historical value, it can be developed into a place for tourists. Besides the fort, there are old palaces, the rest house, etc that are of interest to the curious tourist. The Clock Tower in the town still stands.

Chhachhrauli has a lot of potential to be developed for religious tourism. The ancient Kaleshwar Mutt is located nearby and is revered by devotees from all over India.

The location of the Tajewala and Hathnikund Barrage nearby are already good tourist locations which can be developed further.

Chhachhrauli: a neglected town

It is strange that despite a state having a long history of promoting tourism, actually neglects a town that has good potential to be developed as a tourist site! How can any state allow a fort to lie in neglect and be allowed to decay?

The people have been requesting the state government to declare Chhachhrauli a sub-division but the state has steadfastly denied it this upgrade, in fact it was downgraded to gram panchayat status. For some unexplained reason, the area has been continuously ignored.

The neglect is seen across all aspects of infrastructure. There has been very little investment that the area has seen. There are neither institutions of higher education nor any good medical infrastructure. For any major ailment, the people have to go to Yamunanagar or Ambala.

There is very little here for the youth. The government has not promoted any kind of new industrial units in the area and whatever little is there, is by way of private initiative. There aren't too many employment opportunities, nor has there been any effort to build any sports infrastructure or stadiums here. The youth have nothing to do and keeping them away from anti-social activity is becoming a challenge.

The usual problems of erratic power supply, bad roads, no initiatives for housing, bad sewage systems, all add up to people's woes. With this long list of denials to the people of Chhachhrauli, would you like to face them again and ask for a vote, Mr. Chief Minister? 10 years of wait is a long time.

The time has come for the people of Chhachhrauli to stand up and ask the Hooda administration as to what have they done for this area. The people are now looking for a Nayi Soch and want a Naya Haryana that will give them their due and a quality of life that they deserve.

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