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Naya Haryana

Sun, 28 February 2021

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Town in Focus: Agroha

Town in Focus: Agroha, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

8th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Agroha is a town and block in the Hisar district and falls within the Adampur Vidhan Sabha seat. Located 23 kms from Hisar, on the Hisar-Fatehabad route, Agroha is an ancient town. It was a major centre for trading, as it fell on the route connecting Taxila and Mathura in the earlier days. There are 22 villages under this block and the population is a little over a lakh.

Agroha has always been an agrarian town with both agriculture and trading as its main occupation. The town is famous as the birth place of Maharaja Agrasen and the Agarwal and Agrahari communities owe their origins to this place.

Historic importance

Agroha is an ancient town dating back to the Harappan period. Several excavations in the area point to a thriving town that was once the centre for trade and commerce. It is said that Agroha was earlier known by its ancient name Agrodaka and was headquarters of Janapada.

The ancient mound discovered here was excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and several terracotta seals, iron and copper products, artefacts etc., have been discovered. ASI also discovered an ancient temple along with a Buddhist stupa.

Places and people in Agroha

Agroha is an important religious place for the Hindus and is viewed as the fifth Dham.

In 1976, the then Chief Minister, Banarsi Das Gupta took the initiative to develop Agroha and one major step taken was to establish a temple there. An agreement was reached with the local Agarwal community there, to form the Agroha Vikas Trust, which would oversee the construction and subsequent management of the temple. The construction was started in 1976 and completed in 1984.

The Agroha temple has three wings with one dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi, the second to Goddess Saraswati, and the third to Maharaja Agrasen. Each year, the Maha Kumbh Mela is organised here and is attended by large number of devotees.

The village of Kirmara which falls under Agroha block, is home to an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

It was the initiative of the local Agarwal community, which saw the Maharaja Agrasen Medical College being established here. The 267 acre college offers post graduate courses, besides providing critical medical care to the local people. The town also has an engineering college.

Local persons that have brought fame to this region include Krishna Poonia, our Discuss champion and Padma Shri holder. Geetika Jakhar is from village Kirmara who made her name in wrestling by winning the Asian Games Silver medal at the Doha Games in 2006. Indian team's Kabaddi player Ramesh Lochab is also from Kirmara.

Agroha: an unfinished story of neglect

They say development and politics go hand-in-hand, while this may well be true, it's also true that when they fall apart development suffers. Agroha is a story of unfinished projects due to political neglect.

Agroha's heydays of development was when the Chief Minister, Banarsi Das Gupta took initiative for developing the town. Since the Adampur Vidhan Sabha seat went to the opposition, Agroha has seen political neglect and unfinished projects that were taken up with great publicity, at one time.

Being an important production and trading centre for grains, Agroha was promised a Grain Mandi. It was initiated but it has been over 15 years in development and it's still not functional!

The same is the case with the bus station. This too was promised but is yet to happen. No action has been taken by the state administration, despite several requests by the people.

The sports stadiums at Agroha and Kirmara continue to remain unfinished projects, despite the region producing champions and bringing laurels for the state and the region.

All these neglects are simply because the region has not voted for the ruling party. Such has been the vengeance of the Hooda government.

Missed opportunity

Agroha has tremendous potential for developing tourism, given its position as a site of historical importance. The fact that Agroha has seen so much history, which should have spurred the state government to focus attention and investment to develop the region as a tourist spot, but the Hooda administration has let petty politics to come in the way of development of Agroha much at the cost of people's suffering.

The level of neglect can be seen by the fact that the town has not even been connected by rail, despite several representations to the state government. If tourism has to be developed, then rail connectivity is imperative.

The state could have stepped up the completion of the Grain Mandi and also initiated investment in related agro-based processing units in the area. This would have done much to improve the general economy of the region, along with giving local employment a boost. But Agroha has never been on the Hooda government's priority list.

People continue to suffer

Due to its location on the highway connecting Hisar and Fatehabad, Agroha has a busy traffic movement. The town itself suffers from narrow roads and overcrowding due to excessive and unregulated traffic. This, along with extremely poor condition of the roads, is making lives miserable for the local people. There has been no development initiative or investment in the town despite the importance and potential as a major trading centre. Whatever little development that has taken place in the area has been the initiative of the Agarwal community.

Due to lack of investment, hardly any new industrial unit has been set up here, which could have otherwise improved an already alarmingly-high unemployment situation here.

Regular electricity supply is another reason that this region has not been able to develop until now. In the absence of regular and steady supply of power, there is little chance of new units coming up in the region.

The town continues to suffer from extremely poor drainage and sewage system. Here again, as in other towns and villages of Haryana, the streets get waterlogged during monsoons and the overflowing sewage adds to people's woes. This adds on to the fact that the people have to live with extremely poor roads and little functional street lighting. This all adds to a poor quality of life that the Hooda government has done little to improve upon.

The people of Agroha are dynamic and hardworking, as is seen through its history, besides having a keen interest in sports, as seen from the number of champions the region has produced. Therefore, Agroha should have been a thriving prosperous town with a vibrant and progressive community, living a good quality of life. But thanks to Mr Hooda's ten years in power, this has not happened and now there is little chance of it happening, definitely not under this administration.

The people are now pinning their hopes of a Naya Haryana, to be ushered in by the BJP, and look up to Captain Abhimanyu to show the way to a better quality of life than what they have experienced so far. The time has come to bring in a Nayi Soch and the people are now ready to give the call for a Naya Haryana.

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