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Naya Haryana

Mon, 18 January 2021

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Town in Focus: Adampur

Town in Focus:  Adampur, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

8th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Adampur is a tehsil headquarter in Hisar district, and is located 38 km from Hisar, in Haryana.

The main activity in the area is agriculture, and Adampur has Asia's largest mandi for Guar Gum and Haryana's second largest mandi for cotton. As a result, there are several Guar Gum and cotton processing mills in the area.

Another interesting fact about the area is that there are large numbers of chitkara deer living in the area and the local population is very supportive of their existence.

People identity

Adampur came into prominence due to the former Chief Minister of Haryana (late) Shri Bhajan Lal, who was the Chief Minister for 12 years and held the Hisar Lok Sabha seat. He hailed from Adampur and has also represented Adampur seat in the Vidhan Sabha.

In his years as a Chief Minister, Adampur constituency gained a lot by way of government jobs to almost one member of every family. While this was a boon to the voter community, there was very little done by way of investment in the area. There were no big factories put up that could have catalysed the economic development of the area.

Other prominent persons having roots in Adampur tehsil is Subhash Chandra, Chairman of the Zee Group. He hails from village: Sadalpur. Another son of the soil to make a name for himself was Dhanpat Lal Bheema, who has served as the Defence Minister in Mauritius.

Problems faced by the people

The best days for the residents of Adampur were when Bhajan Lal was the Chief Minister. At least the town received some civic attention but post his death, the area has been one of total neglect.

As the case with most other towns of Haryana, Adampur also suffers from a major problem of a non-functional sewage system. The lack of one is causing a major problem for the local residents, besides posing a big health risk. Despite several people representations to the Hooda administration, no action or investment has happened here.

Clean drinking water is a severe problem and the people have been requesting the state government to take urgent steps to ensure that people get clean drinking water. Most people have to rely on drawing ground water, which itself is becoming a problem due to large quantum of water being drawn for agriculture.

The roads are in a very bad condition and very little investment has been made in maintaining the roads or building new ones. The roads lack proper street lighting and women find it very unsafe to venture out after dark. During monsoons, the residents have to bear the double nightmare of water-logged streets and overflowing sewage.

The town has seen almost no activity in terms of state funded housing for the people of Adampur and this is despite Adampur belt contributing the largest production of Guar Gum and second largest in cotton.

The problem is that the Hooda administration has been too preoccupied with promoting private developers for developing colonies in the NCR as that's a more profitable activity. All this is happening as the people of Adampur continue to struggle on a daily basis.

Adampur has very little by way of medical facilities and the local people have been demanding upgradation of the healthcare facilities for a long time.

As is the story all over Haryana, Adampur too suffers from chronic power shortages. The people have to live through peak summer without power in sweltering heat, while the mill owners struggle to stay afloat on self-funded diesel generators to run their mills.

The local people have been suffering due to increase in traffic and since the same is unregulated, the problems have increased even more. One major sore point has been the long standing demand of the local people to construct an over bridge at the Jakhod Khera railway crossing. The state government has little time to bother about this little town and there has been no action taken so far. In the meanwhile, the people continue to suffer.

The lack of higher education infrastructure in the area is forcing students to travel to places like Hisar, Rohtak and Bhiwani for pursuing various courses. There are no facilities for the youth to participate in any kind of sports activity despite the local youth being very interested in sports and sports training. There are no stadiums or play grounds for sports and the youth have very little to keep themselves occupied.

This along with the fact there is very high unemployment due to lack of any new investment in industrial units in the area. This is causing major frustration amongst the youth and giving rise to social problems.

For girls, there are very few options or facilities by way of vocational training or cultural activities. They hesitate to go out on their own, due to anti-social elements harassing them, thanks to the state government doing precious little in terms of security or police presence.

Ecological disaster in the making

Around 30 kms outside of Adampur town lies Balsamand. In the area between Bagla and Balsamand, there is 20,000 acres of agricultural land that is slowly turning into a wasteland due to lack of canal irrigation in the area. This is a large tract of land that is moving towards becoming an ecological disaster. It is indeed surprising that the Hooda administration has not given this emerging situation the due priority it needs and has done nothing to address the problem.

This issue must be brought to the attention of the state. With canal irrigation, this area could significantly enhance agricultural production and add to the state's revenues, besides creating jobs for the local people.

The Hooda administration has been one of corrupt governance and callous administration. The people placed their faith on him and his ability to change their lives but today the people have realised their mistake and are now ready for a Nayi Soch and are looking forward to ushering in a Naya Haryana.

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