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Naya Haryana

Thu, 3 December 2020

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Action required to grow Tourism in Haryana

Action required to grow Tourism in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

10th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The Tourism industry is a rapidly growing industry in India. It generates and contributes to the nation's GDP. It also generates jobs for the masses. The tourism industry of India has been propagated in the world to improve and raise the economy. There are many states in India which are known for their tourist attraction sites, but there are many other regions also which require attention towards the development and advancement in tourism. Haryana is one such state which needs to grow its tourism industry.

Haryana is a state which is full of culture, heritage and tourist attraction sites. There are different forms of tourism in the state which can be made more attractive. Haryana has cultural, pilgrim, adventure and golf tourism, which offer many attractions. Every district or city of Haryana is rich in tourism. Haryana has spectacular tourist spots, which have their own importance and are rich in their history, culture and presence. Some of the tourist places in Haryana are Kurukshetra, Panipat, Surajkund, Dumduma Lake, Badhkal Lake and Morni hills, etc. Haryana is also developing with the present development scenario as there are resorts, clubs and hotels which come up as weekend tourism opportunities for the tourists.

Haryana is not highlighted as a tourist destination in comparison to other states in India. It is essential that tourism should be attracted and improved in the state. Village tourism is a newer concept which can attract tourists if better and unique facilities are offered in the state. Special leisure activities and attractions should be added as it will attract not only domestic but also the international tourists. More Craft Melas and Haats can be organised and established which will attract more tourism. To increase tourism in the state, it is also necessary that mode of transportation and connectivity to the state through air, road and railway should be improved, so that the tourists can have a better way to travel and reach the state and enjoy the attractions.

Haryana is a culturally colourful and rich state and it is important that the world should know about the state so as to profit its economy. To increase tourism in the state, it is important that Haryana should have a name in the world. It is required that tourism in Haryana should be advertised and propagated. Star attractions or brand ambassadors could be hired, who can promote and endorse the tourism in the state. When the vision of Naya Haryana will be achieved, it will also be important that tourism industry of the state shall also emerge as a success for the state. It is essential that the economy of the state should improve day by day, which will also be a part of successful Naya Haryana. Pragatisheel Haryana will only prosper if there is an overall development in the state.


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