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Naya Haryana

Mon, 20 May 2019

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The Worsening Healthcare Situation in Haryana

The Worsening Healthcare Situation in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

7th July 2014

Naya Haryana

India is known as one of the largest producers of drugs, yet malnourishment, female foeticide, and deaths due to negligence are common in Haryana, a northern state of the country. After all we often say, Health is Wealth, then why don't we believe in it too. Health, hygiene and sanitation have been primary causes of concerns in Haryana, the worse effects of which are now turning into social issues.

First and foremost, healthcare in Haryana lags behind most for women and children. Women in Haryana are known to have no say in their healthcare, leading to serious health issues going unnoticed. Due to ill-nourished mothers, the children they bear are equally malnourished and weak. The importance of the health of both the mother and her child, be it a girl child or a boy, needs to be spread on a serious note.

Another topic of utmost importance is the need of proper sanitation facilities. As per the 2011 census, the state has a total of 47,17,954 households, out of which only 72,072 have an access to a public toilet and 14,80,012 do not have any toilets in their houses, forcing most of them to defecate in the open. Haryana must propagate hygienic sanitation, or make available services for people who can't afford them.

On one hand, Haryana is witnessing urbanisation at a very high pace, while on other, its healthcare has a long way to go. Expensive hospitalisation pushes the poor not to approach good healthcare institutes, and instead fall in the hands of inexperienced money-minting quacks. Haryana must have government funded healthcare institutes especially for the care of the poor. Government aided hospitals or healthcare centres must be established at every Block level.

The access to good healthcare is the need of the hour in Haryana, and maintaining good health and hygiene must be the primary concern of Haryana.

Though, Haryana has regular check-up camps organised by government medical institutes, which check and even treat patients in their mobile units. These camps also take care of immunisation of newborns and young children. Medical aid for the old and disabled should be made accessible. Proper medical aid needs to be provided, but should also be made sure that it reaches the people through responsible channels.

Other than medical aid, there is a serious need to create awareness about the importance of health and hygiene for every individual. Get-togethers or discussions can be held to discuss and educate women, the sick, and disabled about their rights to healthcare in Haryana. Small self-groups can also help in easing the process by educating a few, who would go out and educate others about the importance of healthy living.

According to the National Health Mission, Haryana currently has 447 Pralthimary He centres (PHC), while it needs 657 PHCs. More experienced staff is also required to be hired, so that the patient-doctor ratio is maintained, and every patient gets proper care

Haryana must rationalise medicine and healthcare equipment, so that drugs reach out to each and every member of the society, without being discriminated on the basis of caste, gender, religion or financial status. A health society at the state level in Haryana can be a great idea to enable communication between the state and the centre. The state should be ever-ready to tackle any kind of health issues, and help the people of its state to stay safe and healthy.


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