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Naya Haryana

Sun, 19 May 2019

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The Practice of Favouritism and Nepotism in Haryana

The Practice of Favouritism and Nepotism in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

4th July 2014

Naya Haryana

Favouritism in general, can refer to an act of offering jobs and resources and contracts to the people who are a part of their own social group and are given preference over other people. It results in slow economic growth and political unrest in a country. It is practiced and followed generally in the administrative divisions of our country and exists in Haryana as well. The state has always been in news for following nepotism.

The bureaucracy in the state has always been under scrutiny for following favouritism, especially in the Haryana cadre Indian Administrative Service (IAS). In an incident in Chandigarh regarding the results of the civil services of the state, a controversy raged over allegations of favouritism and nepotism. The controversy erupted over the sudden declaration of the results and immediate joining of the selected candidates. It was also surprising to note that most of the high positions in the HCS were allotted to the kith and kin of influential people in the state. The hurry shown by the government in this matter had reflected favouritism in the selection process. Nepotism does not only exist in offering jobs to the near and dear ones, but in allotting promotions in the administrative services as well.

The state government has also been accused for the land deals in Haryana. Robert Vadra, the prospering property developer in the state has been accused by several political parties for making  unscrupulous  land deals with the Haryana government. A couple of years ago, the government's move was quashed by the high court for allotting a land at cheaper price to filmmaker Subhash Ghai. The acts of favouritism put questions on the governance in the state. It has been followed in the state for last many years, and no action has been taken by the government to control it. Selling lands at lower prices to the influential and powerful people seems to be a common practice here. It is urgently required to be scrutinised and strict actions should be taken against the government.  

The acts of nepotism are not only confined to land and jobs allotments, but also exist in the law and order of the state. In an incident in Karontha in Rohtak district, the followers of an ashram complained about some Arya Samaj leaders and their supporters for creating ruckus and hampering the decorum of ashram. But no action was taken by the police or the administration against the complaints of the ashram followers. The actions of the police were considered to be unfair and invoked favouritism. The followers alleged that the authorities did not take any action against the culprits, as they were known to them, and there was a pressure from the local MP not to take any action.

There have been repetitive incidents in the state where cases of favouritism were exposed. The government has been continuously blamed for following the practice of nepotism. It not only brings a question on the government but also proves that the government takes undue advantage of their power, position and authority. Whether it's administration, education, land, or law and order, the common people are the sufferers in all these spheres in the state. Naya Haryana, a dream that we envision, does not seek such an authoritarian approach in the state.

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