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Naya Haryana

Mon, 26 October 2020

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The Postal Services Need Improvement in Haryana

The Postal Services Need Improvement in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

13th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The postal services in India are offered and operated by the government of India. As per studies, around 89.78% of the total number of post offices are in the rural areas of the country. It is an ancient means of communication and is a necessity even today. The basic and essential services, especially the postal services, being offered in the state of Haryana are not up to the mark and lack the quality and quantity in their offerings.

Haryana is spread over an area of 44,000 sq. kms., with the majority of the population living in the rural areas. As per 2011 census, 65.21% of the population of the state lives in the rural regions. The postal service, which serves as an important source of communication here, seems to fall short of the expectations of the people. As per reports, there are nearly 2500 post offices in Haryana which cater to approximately 2.5 million population. This signifies that a single post office has to serve around 10,000 people, while in other states in India it generally serves an average of 7000 people. It clearly indicates that the state lacks the adequate number of post offices as required by its present population.

The far flung areas of the state are not adequately covered under the state postal services and hence, are deprived of the related benefits. Many people from the villages have migrated to urban areas to work and they use the 'money order' facility to send the financial aid to their families residing in the villages. These places are far behind to get the timely assistance. Therefore, it is essential that these people should be able to use these facilities offered by the concerned department.

In Haryana, these services are also under scrutiny for not offering timely assistance. People generally complain about the untimely delivery of the posts or parcels. These post offices still operate using old means and methods and do not make use of the latest technologies. For instance, all the records are kept and maintained manually by the administration. All these processes should be revamped with the aid of the latest technologies and use of computers should also be encouraged. It is required that facilities offered by these departments are endorsed and promoted, so that more and more people could make use of them. New schemes and programs can be launched in order to benefit the maximum number of people. 

These departments also run various other schemes, such as banking and insurance, but these benefits don’t reach to the right people at the right time. They should cover most of the rural areas and must also benefit the weaker section and the women workers of the society. It is also required that the awareness regarding the insurance and similar services should be created among the people of the state. The administration of the concerned department should also be made more effective and efficient. The government should make sure that these services are rendered to the people of Haryana in the best possible way.


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