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Naya Haryana

Sat, 23 January 2021

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Issue of Food Wastage: Distribute Wisely

Issue of Food Wastage: Distribute Wisely, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

6th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Agriculture is the primary occupation of Haryana and it is reported that about 70% of the population of Haryana is engaged in agriculture. The state is self sufficient in food production. It is not only rich in food grain cultivation but also in fruits and vegetable production. The state grows ample fruits and vegetables which are also exported and utilised in consumption within the state. The production of fruits and vegetables is adequate in the state but it also raises the problems related to the distribution of these fruits and vegetables.

The distribution of fruits and vegetables is undertaken in a process. The farmers grow fruits and vegetables which are sold to the wholesalers, who then sell them to retailers and finally the retailers sell them to the local consumers. The farmers reach the wholesalers through major vegetable mandis. The wholesalers then sell them to retailers who in turn sell them in local markets or mandis to the residential or local population of the state. But, there is a distressing fact that a larger lot of the fruits and vegetables gets wasted in these markets. Studies have proved that around 30 40% of the fruits and vegetables are wasted in the state due to the lack of availability of adequate chain of distribution.

There is a lack of specialised infrastructure which is required for storage and other related purposes such as cold storage, warehouses, ripening chambers, etc. There is also a lack of direct link between production and research system and direct consumers. This is not enough, it has also been observed that even the cattle graze a lot of fruits and vegetables in the Mandis or vegetable markets, which also get wasted. Hoarding is another issue which hampers the proper distribution of fruits and vegetables. Hoarding not only creates a hurdle in proper distribution but also increases the price and wastage of these perishable products.

The proper channel for distribution of fruits and vegetables is essential to control wastage, hoarding and price level. It is necessary that the government or the related authorities in Haryana should pay attention towards this serious issue. There is an urgent need of control over the practice which is followed for distribution of the basic food services. The Ministry of Food Processing should take stringent and necessary steps to deal with the issue of distribution of fruits and vegetables in Haryana. Setting up of new and modern fruits and vegetables market with modern techniques of storage can also help control the wastage. The state is rich in cultivation, therefore, it is also necessary that the production of the state should reach to the consumption level through a proper channel. The vision of Naya Haryana is aimed at not only urban development but to bring an overall development and upliftment from all the sections and sectors of the industries which are a part of Haryana.

After all, there is a vision of Naya Haryana which can only be achieved if there is Nayi Soch and a new aim.


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