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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Standards of living in Haryana

Standards of living in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

12th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Along with its neighboring states Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, Haryana had been one of the focal points of the Green Revolution movement. In the 40 years after the Green Revolution there had been some development in the lives of people in this north Indian state, especially in the rural areas in accordance with what has happened in the rest of the country. However, in the recent years there has been a decline in the amount of families with more than 5 acres of land to their name. In fact, marginal farmers now account for a lion's share of the state's rural population.

However, in an interesting statistic the number of families that hold more than 10 acres of land has increased in the last few years. In fact, it is more than states such as UP and Bihar. It has also been observed that almost 43% of people in the state are wage earners and in this case too, the state is ahead of Bihar, where 27% people can be described as wage earners.

This discrepancy shows a rather alarming trend in Haryana   in the last few years some people have only become richer while some have become poorer. If the question of natural selection is discounted in this case, this has been, undeniably, an instance of unmatched development, of a progress that has failed to take everyone forward.

From the said statistic it can thus be inferred most of the marginal peasants are also working on the large and medium sized farms. It has been seen that the supposedly landless population of Haryana's rural areas derives almost 90% of its income from the wages as well as professions that are not related to the farms. This shows that how this class of people has to work hard every single day of their lives to just get by and gather the basic amenities of life.

Coming to the cities, in the recent years there has been a massive real estate boom in Haryana with the development of townships and industrial facilities. This has upped the scale of living for ones who were in possession of land before selling it to the real estate developers and pocketing riches galore for the same. New companies have opened up and now like Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad people are also looking to come and work at Haryana with the dream of making a good life for oneself.

Majority of these professionals have been coming from other states such as West Bengal for example where costs of living are significantly lower compared to what one would see in Haryana. So, they have faced several problems in getting by   this problem has been especially acute for people who have started their careers here. The relatively smaller pay packages compared to their more established compatriots have made it tougher for them.

Housing has been one major problem area. This is why the state government had tried to come up with an affordable housing program in Gurgaon, which is where most of the companies in Haryana are concentrated. However, that has come to pass right now and this has meant that people now are either forced to look for other options or buy houses at such an abysmal rate that it drains all their savings.

One common indicator of Haryana's progress is said to be its GDP, which is higher than most states in the country. The problem with this analysis is that it does not take into account the differences in standards of living between the rich and the poor   the situation is that the rich are earning so much that the poor and the working class are relatively obsolete.

If Haryana truly wishes to do well in the long term then perhaps this is one area where it will have to look into and make sure the gap between the rich and poor is diminished   it has to make sure that it creates a system where everyone at least has a chance to do well.

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