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Naya Haryana

Sat, 27 February 2021

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Staff and Teacher's Crunch in Haryana Schools

Staff and Teacher's Crunch in Haryana Schools, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

23rd June 2014

Naya Haryana

Education plays a significant role in the development of a region, by not only spreading literacy, but also improving the chances of employability of the people of the state. Teachers and school staff are primarily responsible for imparting education, which is so much required in Haryana. According to recent news reports, government schools in Haryana are experiencing a dearth of about 35,000 staff and teachers. Even though the recruitment test and interviews have already been conducted, the selected candidates have still not received appointment letters for more than 14 months. So, what is the Haryana government waiting for?

Good and talented teachers can turn the life of students around and inspire the young minds to have a brighter future. In order to create a good team of teachers who would eventually influence Haryana’s youngsters, a number of teacher training institutions for graduates and post-graduates were established. The shortage of almost 15,000 post-graduate teachers and more than 3,000 junior basic teachers seem strange for a state with so many trained teachers graduating every year.

With the news spreading across state borders, teachers protesting against the government’s negligence, Public Interest Litigation being filed against the state selection boards, the concerned officials have begun to give their explanations. They have cited technical issues in not being able to process the appointment letters faster. But more than 14 months gone, and not a single appointment letter being sent, puts a question mark on the way of working of the state education and selection boards.

There is, therefore, an urgent requirement for reforming the working method of the administrative officials in the teacher and staff selection commissions. Without transparency and accountability, no bureaucratic machinery can work to their optimum. Online selection process needs to be immediately implemented for faster dispensation of appointments. In addition to this, deadlines need to be maintained for teachers and staff to start working in their respectively appointed schools from the beginning of the school year. This would help students as well as teachers to prepare for the school curriculum in an efficient manner.

Another allegation made by teachers was that they were asked to give additional exams to ascertain their “orientation needs”. The question therefore is, do teachers who have already been trained need more orientation to start working? Or, is it that the training curriculum is incomplete? If it is so, such institutions need to make the curriculum more employment-ready.

All the issues relating to the teachers and staff crunch in Haryana schools point to the inefficiencies of the government and bureaucracy. This will consequently lead to good and talented teachers leaving the state and looking for work in nearby regions. Haryana’s future requires such teachers to stay and government to reform the education boards for students to get the proper education.


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