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Naya Haryana

Sun, 19 May 2019

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Vision to Have Adequate Mobile Services in Rural Haryana

Vision to Have Adequate Mobile Services in Rural Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

1st July 2014

Naya Haryana

The telecom industry in India has seen a boom in the last decade. Let's see if mobile services are equally spread in the state of Haryana also? These services are readily available in the urban areas, but some rural areas in the state are still not able to take advantages of these services.

The mobile service providers (MSPs) have still not been able to strike full potential of the rural areas in haryana. Large parts of the rural Haryana are in dire need of the mobile services. The villages in the state still lack adequate facilities and proper amenities; hence, they are yet to take benefits from the quality mobile services. The use of connectivity is like a dream for them. It is necessary that every citizen of the state should be given an equal opportunity to take the benefit of the mobile services.

Even though, some regions have the mobile services, their quality is a big question. For instance, the Kisan call centers initiated by the government are not useful due to problems in the mobile services. Inadequate services and inefficient mobile range affect the farmers, who find it difficult to connect to these call centers and get their queries resolved. The deficient mobile service in Haryana can also be noted from the incidents and complaints of people residing in Morni Hills region. The only hill station in the state do not have sufficient mobile service network which is also a reason for the declining tourism business. The visitors do not visit this place due to the connectivity issue.

There are certain other issues which hamper the mobile services in the rural areas. The service providers or the Department of Telecom are unable to extend the telecom lines in the entire state. Many villages failed to get this benefit as they are not yet connected through the communication lines. What is required on the part of the government is that it should work towards the development of these services in the rural areas. They will have to allow the public and private service providers to expand and create a common interlinked system for basic services in the entire region. In this e-commerce world, broadband services along with the mobile services should also be provided to the far flung areas. But, they should also consider that these services should be available to the rural areas at reasonable prices, so that people can easily afford them. Naya Haryana seeks that the world of Haryana should be well connected to the rest of the world.

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