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Naya Haryana

Wed, 22 May 2019

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Road Traffic Chaos in Haryana

Road Traffic Chaos in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

1st September 2014

Naya Haryana

In most parts of Haryana, the road traffic situation is essentially chaotic and does not fulfill the needs of a progressive state. The official statistics for road traffic accidents in Haryana is

Year Accidents Death Injured
2013 10134 4383 9182
2012 10065 4446 9452
2011 11128 4762 9727
2010 11195 4719 9905
2009 11915 4603 10481
2008 11596 4494 10570
2007 11998 4415 10288
2006 10314 4012 9118

According to unofficial sources, the number of injuries and accidents far exceeds these reports. The number of motor vehicles on the streets of Haryana has risen phenomenally and the inadequacy of traffic regulations is deplorable. Going by the official records themselves, there has been scant improvement in the traffic scenario in almost the entire decade.

In the era of rapid urbanisation and industrial development, the number of vehicles on the streets of Haryana is reaching explosive proportions. In many towns of Haryana, autos are turning into a menace instead of being an inexpensive and comfortable means of public transport. There are no designated stops for auto rickshaws. Racing on streets is common both among buses and autos. The condition of intercity and intra-city state buses is dilapidated, leading to a rise in the number of privately-operated minibuses. But these are often overflowing and defy traffic regulations to maximise the number of passengers and revenue.

In a number of affluent regions such as Gurgaon a number of children under the age of 18 take to driving without adequate licenses. Licenses are often bought in many parts of the state without a vigilant driving test; bribes are exchanged and traffic permits issued. Intoxication is another major concern here. Also, a number of heavy vehicles are driven at night under the influence of alcohol, raising the risks of accidents significantly. The offenders can often bypass a hefty fine or punishment by paying a petty bribe.

To make Haryana safe for pedestrians and automobiles, the state administration needs to step up the enforcement of traffic rules. The entire roadways and traffic scenario in the state needs an overhaul. From construction of metal roads in many rural regions to a revised planning of traffic flow in the cities has become essential. This shall also mean that bus stops, auto stands, and parking areas in many places need to be defined. The restriction of heavy vehicles must be restricted and corruption eliminated. There is another essential aspect to streamlining road traffic in Haryana that is often ignored   a disciplined, corruption-free licensing system. Alcohol tests   both random and targeted need to be mandatorily administered and offenders punished.

Making Haryana a safe place to live in and grow essentially entails making Haryana roads safe for travellers and drivers. Newer means of public transport such as metros and air-conditioned buses are becoming more of a need than a want. To implement this, however, the state needs to clean up the existing chaos. Newer rules and regulations and better enforcement will not only reduce road traffic accidents in the state but will also make public transport more efficient. This relief to the citizens of Haryana has now been long overdue.

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