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Naya Haryana

Sat, 16 January 2021

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Rising fraud cases in Haryana- Who is to be blamed?

Rising fraud cases in Haryana- Who is to be blamed?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th August 2014

Naya Haryana

Peace, law and order, and low crime rates are the hallmarks of any prosperous state. Haryana has the potential to grow into one of the economically most developed states of India, but a number of factors are hindering these prospects. Social order created by ethical values, good policing, and moral dependability are absolute requisites for a new Haryana. A look at the current scenario is, however, far from ideal for the creation of our Naya Haryana.

Haryana ranks top among the states of India in terms of fraud cases in India, says a 2012 report. The growing incidences of cyber crime, which are the more popular fraud mechanisms, are also the reason for a major setback for the state's law and order situation. In 2011, only about 3 cyber crimes were recorded while in 2012, this number went up drastically and almost 116 cybercrimes were reported in the state. Similarly, there has been a major hike in the number of fraud cases registered over 89 cases of fraud and cheating were report this is the highest in any Indian state. The situation is almost alarming.

Who is to blame for these fraud and cheating cases? While it may be next to impossible to track down the exact source of frauds and cyber crimes in the state, a number of reasons are quickly evident. The recent boom in real estate prices in the state and skyrocketing urban development in cities such as Gurgaon and Faridabad have increased the number of land fraud cases.

With the increase in computer literacy, the corresponding increase in awareness of cyber frauds and safety is sadly absent. In 2011, about 42 criminal cases were registered under the IT Act. In 2012, however, the figure went up to 66. Detection of cyber crimes is still a challenge for the Haryana Police. Despite the presence of a cyber-cell, only 25 people were arrested in the state in 2012. The technologists of the administration are unable to keep pace with lawbreakers and criminals. The biggest failure, though, is in matters of legislation. The state lacks robust cyber laws and the administration is hesitant to take up the issue. It is not surprising that the trend continues in the current times.

The increase in number of crimes, cheating cases, and frauds in Haryana is a menace that needs to be nipped before it assumes mammoth proportions. Haryana can expect to attract settlers and businesses, investments and entrepreneurs, only when the confidence of the rest of the country in the state is restored. A start needs to be made with the introduction of smart and well thrashed out legislations. Robust laws need strict enforcement. Corruption in the police and law and justice mechanism needs to be weeded out.

Ethical living can only be taught by example. It is unrealistic to expect the people of Haryana to live by ideals with the leadership remaining enmeshed in scams running into crores of rupees. The state needs leaders who shall demonstrate a value-based lifestyle and create the environment required for newer generations to put society, nation, and service before self. Only then shall we see the wake of a Naya Haryana.


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