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Naya Haryana

Thu, 3 December 2020

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Is Rohtak actually Developing?

Is Rohtak actually Developing?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Rohtak is an emerging district in Haryana. Known as the  Heart of Haryana  due to its geographical location, it forms a part of the National Capital Region (NCR). Though it is emerging as an upcoming industrial district in Haryana, it still lacks development in various fields and faces major issues, which act as hindrances in the way towards growth and development. There were proposals to set up and develop an Industrial Model Township (IMT) in the district. Power and water supply, transportation and connectivity are the basic and the foremost requirements which are essential to be met in the first place in this district. The state government has to make sure that along with the construction of these townships, the basic needs of the people are also met.

Rohtak is also emerging as an educational hub in Haryana. The Maharishi Dayanand University is one of the biggest universities in India which is located here. Besides this, an IIM and an IIT are being set up in the district, while an existing medical university will be upgraded to AIIMS. A few of these institutions are operational on a temporary basis since last five years; however, there are still loopholes in their establishments. There has been a delay in building infrastructure, which causes problems and delay in the development of these institutions. This shows a lack of interest and responsibility on the part of the government, as they are not able to provide facilities to the students who enroll in these colleges. Escalation of construction costs and delay in the allotment of land put a stop to the active operations of these institutions.

Although the government has planned to set up these educational institutions, the question to ask is, are the other necessary facilities, such as accommodation, adequate power and water supply, better transportation facilities and connectivity with other states, also available in the district? This place seeks overall development along with the infrastructural development of these institutes. A major section of the population of the district is involved in cattle farming business. It is important that more veterinary centers be established in the district, especially in the rural and the far-flung areas. Vaccination should be available at ease and at no or very low prices, so as to save the cattle from dying. Recently, the farmers and the residents of a few villages protested against the construction of the railway bypass line project in Rohtak. The farmers blamed the state government for acquiring their fertile land. This episode is an indication that the farmers in the area are suffering due to the government's policies and proposals. The issues of the farmers should be the primary concern for the government and necessary steps should be taken to solve them.    

After Gurgaon and Faridabad, Rohtak is the next district in Haryana which has the potential of being an economically strong district. Many large-scale industries and multinational corporations should be set up and invited to invest in the district. If job opportunities are offered in this region, it will attract people from local and the neighbouring districts. Then, they will not be required to migrate to other cities for work. Naya Haryana is sure that Rohtak can become the next developed district in Haryana with its Nayi Soch.


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