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Naya Haryana

Sun, 19 May 2019

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Proposed State Model Schools in Naya Haryana

Proposed State Model Schools in Naya Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th July 2014

Naya Haryana

As India transitions from a developing economy into a developed one, the challenges before the nation is to develop its human resource that can enable this change and adapt to the emerging social, cultural and economic challenges of a modern world.

The most important role the government can play to catalyse this transition is to encourage and facilitate a modern education system where children are exposed to modern methods of learning based on concepts that encourage students to be inquisitive, to show initiative, to analyse situations through logical thinking and to apply their learnings in given situations.

The new age economy is demanding and unless a student is intellectually and emotionally prepared to take on this new world, India's dream of emerging as a developed economy and a thought leader will remain unaccomplished.

It is in this context that Capt. Abhimanyu Singh has expressed his vision of Naya Haryana to undertake a review of the current education infrastructure and teaching methods and take suitable corrective measures to improving the same.

Understanding the current challenges of the present Haryana state education system

In India, the education system is by and large a state subject and each state has developed its own curriculum. However, all states suffer from similar challenges and Haryana is no exception. The major issues are that there is a major shortage of well trained and qualified teachers that can motivate students and teach using modern methods and teaching aids. Most state government schools in Haryana suffer from poorly built buildings that don't have clean well maintained toilets.

In addition, they are poorly equipped and to make matters worse the electricity supply is irregular. Students don't have proper furniture or laboratory facilities to encourage a healthy academic atmosphere. All these shortcomings only turn away students from attending school which results in a high drop-out rate. There is little attempt to improve English language and speaking skills.

Suggested measures in Naya Haryana for government schools to realign the education system to the new age digital economy

Naya Haryana will see a new plan to develop teaching content and methods that will address all shortcomings mentioned above. It is proposed that the first priority is to ensure that new teachers that are recruited are fully trained on new methods of teaching while the existing teachers must attend a re-training program that will ensure that they are all trained for new training methods. The academic content has to be redesigned to encourage students to understand the concept and then apply them in real situations.

All schools will introduce computers that will expose the students to new and interesting software content that will include 3D graphics that will not only make the subject interesting but will also ensure that students understand the concepts. Use of computer technology can also help in monitoring a student's academic progress by regularly testing them and providing immediate test results. This will help the students learn at their own pace and ability.

It is important to monitor the school administration and quality of the facilities and therefore one government officer will be visiting each school at least one or twice a week and monitor the status of respective schools. The official will be involved with the school administration and will suggest suitable measures or follow-up with the state government on the needs of the school.

The local community will be encouraged to be involved in adding value to the school therefore, visiting lectures from well-known persons etc will be encouraged. This will also act as a motivation to students as they can hear success stories from these personalities.

It is also proposed to name each school after a well-known martyr. This will inspire students and they can be proud of their school.

Naya Haryana will also see the facilities improve at the government run schools. The schools will have better maintained buildings along with clean drinking water, clean toilets, well equipped laboratory and playing grounds with sports facilities and equipment. To meet the electricity needs of the schools, solar technology will be introduced in a progressive manner so that the schools can minimize the dependency on the state electricity board supply.


The state of Haryana is well poised to actively participate in the modernization of an emerging India and its citizens have a real chance to significantly improve the quality of life by embracing education as the enabler. Capt. Abhimanyu Singh's vision for Naya Haryana is to encourage and facilitate all children of the state to attend school by offering suitable education infrastructure and environment to the children that will focus on developing each child based on his or her potential, aptitude and interest.

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