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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Proposed Model Mandi Township Under Naya Haryana

Proposed Model Mandi Township Under Naya Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

22nd July 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana is a small state in terms of land size, but 80% of its land is under agricultural cultivation. Of this, 84% is irrigated land. While Haryana has made rapid progress in agricultural production across various commodities, it has not been able to optimize the opportunity due to lack of suitable infrastructure and agriculture processing and distribution system.

The challenges

The biggest challenge to enhancing agricultural production in the state is that land is being diverted from agricultural to other non-agricultural uses. The quality of soil and water is declining and lack of adequate infrastructure to store, process, package and distribute agricultural produce is not helping the farmers to maximise their income. In addition, the lack of labour is posing a severe challenge.

Due to lack of information, farmers do not get best prices for their produce, there is wastage of production due to lack of storage, primary processing and cold storage facilities and with little support in terms of crop insurance, timely seed availability, and processing facility, leaves farmers with little profit, given the regime of rising costs of inputs.

In addition, farmers are still not adequately trained in the use of balanced fertilizer and bio-fertilizers, planned usage of micro-nutrients, effective water and weed management.

Developing Model Mandi Township in each district

The vision for Naya Haryana includes setting up a Model Mandi Township in each district of Haryana.

So how are these Model Mandi Townships going to be different from existing the Mandi?

The farmer is the most important stakeholder in the Mandi. Therefore, it is important to ensure his inclusion and participation in the setting up, operation and administration of the Mandi. This is best achieved if the farmer is made a shareholder in the Mandi and its operation is designed keeping his needs and interests in mind.

The objective is to develop the Mandi in a holistic way that will take care of his needs and ensure that the farmer can get maximum benefit for his produce by providing him with comprehensive range of information and services and ensure that he gets the highest price for his produce.

In the proposed Model, each Mandi will now house the latest in computer and networking technology which will connect all Mandis and will monitor all incoming stocks, outgoing stocks and remaining stocks, all in real time. This will ensure that all farmers will have access to this information through specially designed Apps that will provide comprehensive information to farmers on their mobiles in real time.

In addition, all farmers will also receive regular updates on weather patterns and latest developments related to his area of interest.

Since a Model Mandi is proposed to be set up in each district, it is proposed to develop the Mandi as a self-sustaining township with affordable housing with all civic amenities like piped drainage, underground electricity, water supply, and shopping facilities etc., all located within the township. With the farmer as a shareholder in this project, they will be encouraged to collectively organise themselves to suggest and supervise efficient management of the township and the Mandi.

The Model Mandi Township will also have well-planned schools with trained teachers, using technology and modern teaching aids to provide modern education to the children of farmers.

The township will also feature fully equipped training centres that will be hubs for all training, education and information for all agriculture-related needs of the farmers. Regular workshops will be conducted by leading subject experts to ensure that all farmers are exposed to the latest techniques and technology for improving their output.

The Model Mandi will also have modern storage facilities including cold storage, that will be made available for short periods to farmers at subsidised rates, on as and when needed basis.

Under Naya Haryana, the farmer will be brought back in focus with development comprehensively planned around his needs. This inclusive approach will ensure Haryana will continue to remain a significant contributor to India's agriculture and also bring prosperity to all farmers of the state.

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