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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Production of Adulterated Ghee in Haryana Signs of a Bigger Malaise

Production of Adulterated Ghee in Haryana Signs of a Bigger Malaise, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana is a state where most people are vegetarians and food products made from milk such as ghee form an essential part of the overall diet. However, in recent years there has been a major problem in this area as well, with unabated production of adulterated ghee in Haryana. Now on a very basic level consuming an adulterated product indicates that there will be health problems involved and also the entire investment made by the consumers will be regarded as a wasted one. The worst part of this is that the problems just do not end at this. It probably goes far deeper than one can understand.

In a recent arrest made by the state police regarding this crime, the apprehended trader who was found guilty of selling these products in the local market admitted that he had been bringing them from a neighboring state. Now, if adulterated goods, almost akin to contrabands, are entering a state through the interstate boundaries it only puts question marks on the credibility of the checking systems on the borders as well as the officers. It is also flabbergasting to think that in all these years the government has not had any information regarding the same. The state government is supposed to be the most powerful entity in a state but the way it is continuing to flounder in such key issues is worrying indeed!

What is also worrying in these cases is that the criminals, who partake in such activities - and are thus playing a major role in the proliferation of this shadow industry - have been copying the trademarks of the reputed companies in this domain. The main aim in this case is to ensure a fake authenticity of the said product that will help increase its sales. However, this is also problematic for the companies in question and soon they may be forced to stop doing business here altogether and look for alternatives because their products are being duplicated and the duplicates are basically tarnishing their reputation and also affecting their sales in the end.

In case these companies left Haryana, it would lead to a serious loss of employment in the agro sector, where majority of people in the villages and semi urban areas work. As it is, the government is unable to generate employment and now with these jobs gone, one wonders what will happen to the common people.

Perhaps there are certain things that the government could do. While it would be physically impossible for it to send representatives to each and every shop that sells such products across the state, what it can do is focus on areas where such faulty products are sold and then send its representatives as buyers so that they can come back with a sample of the product, get it tested and apprehend the guilty.

The government also needs to enact stern measures against ones who are proven to be guilty of selling such products with the end aim to deter other miscreants from pursuing this path. Also units that are producing authentic products need to be provided the right incentives so as to encourage them to continue following that method. They can be provided loans at easy installments and lower rates of interest as well as tax benefits. This will also accrue the government several economic benefits in the long term as a culture of entrepreneurship will be encouraged and there will be less dependence on the government for generating the employment.


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