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Naya Haryana

Wed, 2 December 2020

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Problems with Wheat Production in Haryana

Problems with Wheat Production in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana is regarded as the food bowl of India. When the Green Revolution was initiated, this North Indian state along with neighbours Punjab and Uttar Pradesh was along the forefront of the agricultural revival that sustained India's economy for a long time before it became necessary to usher in the period of liberalisation. There are many crops grown in Haryana but it is wheat that is regarded as the jewel in the crown. It is a main component of the staple diet of the Haryanvi people and is also sent to other parts of the country.

However, in recent years there has been some problem with the production of this crop. The problem does not pertains to the quality of crop Haryana perhaps the ideal conditions for growing wheat. It is the inconsistency in the amount of production that is hurting one and all. For example in 2012 the production of wheat was exemplary but in 2013 it once again fell below expectations. This affects people on many levels than one can imagine.

To start with, the farmers are affected the most. Like most other states in India, the majority of the rural population in Haryana is dependent on agriculture for sustenance. This is their gateway to food, clothing and health facilities and for some, a gateway to a better way of life. Now if the production is not consistent then their income suffers and considering the way most of these farmers are always cash strapped in spite of years of hard toil one can only imagine how the lack of sufficient income would hurt them. It either drives them to take their own lives or live as below poverty level individuals who later on are forced to take up other means of employment, most of which are seasonal in nature.

The consumers are also badly affected as a result of decline in wheat production. As has been stated already, wheat is an integral part of the diet of the people in this state. What happens when there is a fall in crop production is that people are forced to go for the lower quality that has remained unsold from the previous year. Even the produce that is there for the year is sold at exorbitantly high price, which puts things beyond the reach of the common people. They cannot buy what they normally eat and this causes undue complications.

The major reason for problems in wheat production is drought. The state is prone to this form of natural disaster but over the years the government has taken no step that would seem to suggest that there is a definite plan or approach to deal with this menace. Crop insurance is one way to tackle such problems and there have been little efforts from the government on that front. There is no attempt to study how other countries may be dealing with such situations, and then implement the same over here. It is not a question of capability of the government  it has the necessary resources and financial wherewithal. It is only a matter of will of wanting to help.

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