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Naya Haryana

Sun, 24 January 2021

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Problems in the 'Twin City' (Ambala) of Haryana

Problems in the 'Twin City' (Ambala) of Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

22nd June 2014

Naya Haryana

The district of Ambala is claimed as one of the oldest and historic districts of Haryana. The district is divided into two sub-areas   Ambala Cantonment (Ambala Cantt) and Ambala City. Therefore, it is popularly known as  Twin City . As per census 2011, it has a population of 4,06,784. It has been facing many social and economic issues like other districts in Haryana.

The cloth market in the area is considered as the charm of this district. The market has as many as 1,000 wholesale shops which have a wide range of clothing items including handloom, suitings and shirtings, silk and sarees, dress materials, etc. This place used to be a hub for many handloom factories and other related industries, which have nearly vanished. It is ironical that this region is not very popular in rest of the country for its cloth market, except for the neighbouring states. The government or the union of these markets should try to promote and propagate the clothing industry in other parts of the country. The government can set up melas where sellers can sell their products to the outstation retailers. The business owners should also be given required assistance so that they can export their products. The place is also popular for scientific products and instruments. Laboratory equipment, microscopes, glass apparatus, etc., are the main products which are sold in its local markets. In fact, nearly 34% of the total production of scientific instruments in India is constituted in this district. The government has again not done anything to expand these business units in the country.

In a recent incident in Ambala, a serious of case of corruption has come into light. The government officials of the revenue department were allegedly taking bribes from the buyers and sellers for registering their land deals in the city. Corruption, which is a major issue in India, also persists in such small districts as well. It is essential that government officials be punished for taking bribes. A corruption-free and clean system is the urgent need of our country at present. High crime rate in this district is another important social issue. The cases of theft, robbery and molestation are high in the area. Proper law and order and quick justice are the need of the hour for the district. It is required that a safe environment be available to the people.

This region lacks quality education and prestigious educational institutions. The district has a few engineering, one medical and two management colleges only. Lack of educational facilities indicates that it is not able to provide quality education to the students and children. The government should consider the importance of education and take necessary steps to establish better institutions there. Ambala needs to have more such institutions, and Naya Haryana envisions that quality education at prestigious colleges will be imparted to the students soon.

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