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Naya Haryana

Mon, 20 May 2019

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Poultry Industry in Haryana: What can Cause its Growth?

Poultry Industry in Haryana: What can Cause its Growth?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

21st June 2014

Naya Haryana

The poultry sector in India grows at the rate of approximately 8-10% annually. Haryana also contributes to this industry. The poultry farms are spread across the several districts of the state. Although, Haryana is rich in number of such farms, this industry is not getting the required impetus for growth due to some hindrances that it has been facing.

Panchkula, Karnal and Jind are the highest producers of poultry in the state. But, in recent times, there have been issues related to the presence of these farms in the residential areas. There have been problems pertaining to waste management, which includes contamination of water and air due to harmful chemicals and poor management of animals' wastes. These unhygienic conditions cause harmful effects on the health of animals and human beings. These farms need to be maintained and minimise the waste they generate, which can be done by using the relevant techniques. There should be appropriate storage facilities which can contain the litter, manure and washings. Recently, the Haryana Pollution Control Board issued notice to 11 egg farms in Panchkula to stop their operations. The action was taken after a few complaints from the local residents.

This situation surely indicates the necessity of such actions as it concerns the health of humans and the poultry animals. But, if we look from the perspective of the farms and the industry, these farms could suffer from heavy loses if they will discontinue their operations. This will also affect the overall business of the industry in the state. Necessary and effective steps in a balanced way are required to be taken, so that both the farms and the local people don't get affected. There must be some set guidelines which should be followed by the farm owners. The farms should be set up away from the residential areas and the water courses. Boundaries and appropriate fencing should be constructed around the farm’s area. Proper drainage and waste management system, no obstruction in water course, construction of proper ventilation, burial pit for dead birds, if all these steps are taken it will help resolve the issues pertaining to the running of poultry farms. If the farms will take the necessary steps and maintain them, they will not cause harm to the people. Then, this way both the farms and people can exist together.

The necessary steps are not only meant to be taken by the farms, but also by the government who should play their role and show its involvement in this matter. It has to keep a track of the poultry industry and make sure that these farms should adhere to certain guidelines. The Environment Department, the Animal Husbandry Department or other concerned authorities must keep a watch on the activities of the farms. Also, they should provide the necessary aid to these farms and should guide and acquaint them with the measures which they can take to maintain their farms. They should also guide them with the ways that will help improve their business. Haryana’s contribution to this industry need to be acknowledged and it is required that in Naya Haryana, it will grow more and prosper without creating any nuisance for anybody.


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