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Naya Haryana

Tue, 19 January 2021

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Poor Power Supply Takes Haryana for Ride

Poor Power Supply Takes Haryana for Ride, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

30th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Whether it's Haryana or any other state, the growth of a region, especially during summers, takes a backseat the moment it faces an acute shortage of power supply. This makes people suffer a lot. These days, unwarranted power cut offs in Haryana are putting serious questions on the claims of the government. To reduce the effect of rising temperatures, which easily cross the mark of 42 degrees, people are hanging green curtains inside their homes, so that the effect of the scorching sun could be reduced and rooms be kept cool. In this humid and hot climate, when air conditioners and coolers also stop performing, the woes of the people are sure to rise.

The deteriorating supply of power has caused havoc with the lives of people. Everywhere people are facing problems because of this. The state government purchases electricity from the Centre at Rs. 2.50 per unit, but sells it to people at Rs. 6-7. If the government wants, by maintaining the power plant at Khedar and Panipat, it can generate optimum electricity and sufficiently meet the electricity demands of the state at the reasonable rates. But still, the government rues the lack of funds to run these power plants, which clearly indicates the government and the management's inadequacies and incapabilities.

On one hand, the corruption prevalent in the power department of the state is looting the public, while on other, the deliberate skirting of government's incapacity has troubled the people, especially the farmers and industrialists, to the hilt. The situation has deteriorated to such a level that industrialists, businessmen and farmers are using generators to pursue their errands. This clearly means that the affected people are spending more to get their work done.

The time has come when, in order to get rid of the problems and deficiencies, the people of Haryana should become conscious and raise their voice against the maladministration of the government, besides giving support to an administration that gives them relief.

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