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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Policing in Haryana - Can modern technology help?

Policing in Haryana - Can modern technology help?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

17th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The police force plays a significant role in the governing of a region, by helping in the maintenance of law and order. Today, with the increase in the complexity of crimes and illegal activities, the need has risen for reforming vigilance and investigation methods. The state of Haryana, in the present time, requires the police to become more steadfast in solving crimes and catching criminals before they have already transcended borders or run away without a trace. The future of Haryana's welfare, therefore, lies in the hands of modern policing. So, can technology help?

In the past few years, there has been some advancement in embracing technology as a tool to fight crime. Apart from using communication and finger printing technology, the police have started working with private companies for training and maintaining databases for missing persons, court cases, investigations, etc. Despite such progressions, occurrences of crime incidents in Haryana are still a matter of concern. According to reports, there are 228  most wanted  criminals at loose, 4,274 proclaimed offenders roaming free, and crimes against women are on a rise. The statistics, therefore, show that modern technologies are not being used to the optimum and the police force is in some way lacking in their skills. Thus, there is currently an urgent requirement of the Haryana Police to start working more effectively and efficiently.

In order to face the modern challenges of law enforcement, policing in Haryana needs to not only wholly adopt the best technologies available, but also their training should be upgraded. The police training institute in Haryana should provide proper hands-on training to the recruits in physical, psychological, as well as technical aspects. Modern technology can be used to monitor each recruit's evolution from a regular person to a toughened crime fighter. They should also be provided with advanced weapons, vehicles, and communication devices to help them stay ahead of the criminal. Transparency in promotion and accountability for each and every case handled will effectively help in separating the better police officers from the others.

Gone are the days when anti-social elements were scared by the  havaldar  standing on the sidewalk. The current need for the police is to create a law enforcement atmosphere where criminals find absolutely impossible to commit a crime and get away with it. Modernisation of policing should reach such a level where every part of the state is covered, including rural areas. CCTV cameras help in monitoring traffic violations, illegal activities, and usually unseen wrongs happening on the streets, like pick pocketing and molestation. The CCTV camera monitoring room should have officers who can take immediate action if necessary. Use of locals  knowledge of areas and people can be a critical step for effective policing. A technologically advanced infrastructure in taking calls from locals and acting promptly in the case when a certain criminal activity is reported can improve the efficiency of the Haryana Police.

In addition to these, the police department should collaborate with engineering and technology institutions in the state and the country, to develop new technology innovations for the better investigation of criminal cases and the monitoring of illegal activities. The entire police force should also be given proper training in this regard in order to let them combat anti-social elements in an effective and efficient way.

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