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Naya Haryana

Sat, 16 January 2021

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Which is the Most Picturesque Place in Haryana

Which is the Most Picturesque Place in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

11th August 2014

Naya Haryana

Which is the most beautiful place in Haryana? Ask a Haryanvi and he will reply immediately whole of Haryana! Still there are chances that a native of Jind will tell you about the local Punjabi Bazaar of Jind, and a local from Karnal will name Madhuban, Karnal!

A random survey by nayaharyana.com fetched some very interesting results on the topic. (https://www.facebook.com/nayaharyana/posts/294870370693477)

Ask the natives and the list of such favourite picturesque places went on and on Kharak Pandwa (a village in Kaithal), Nadipur Majra (a village in Sonepat), the sarovar of Kurukshetra, Pinjore, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Kurukshetra, Morni hills (a calm, salubrious village. It is the only hill station of Haryana in Panchkula district which rolls out a carpet of lush green grass covering the hillside, every monsoon season).

A rather interesting reply that came from a villager was that the most picturesque place in Haryana was the baithakein (sittings) in Haryana villages.

Indeed Haryana, a small state in the foothills of Aravalli, is a thoroughfare to several picturesque locations -- the rugged hills, dense forests, century old monuments and temples. The state is a timeless beauty that abounds in natural splendour with picture perfect landscape and beautiful lakes. The state, in fact, is a quixotic blend of the country and the urban.

Strangely, though, tourism is not a booming industry yet in Haryana, and only the authorities are to be blamed for such neglect. It is a fact that people from other states don't make their vacation plan to visit Haryana and no travel operators have packages for Haryana. This despite the fact that the state pioneered the concept of highway tourism by making the best of the presence of national highways that crossed through the state's scenic landscape and set up popular tourist complexes on the highways. It cannot be said that the state has nothing for the traveller. Yet more needs to be done for the development of tourism in Haryana.

Exploring reasons for the lack of tourists in Haryana, someone had made a harsh comment in the above mentioned Facebook survey -- by heart all Haryana, by mind none because outsiders does (sic) not feel comfortable with our tone, we have to improve it as well infrastructure to attract tourists.

Strange reason though! The dialect of the people of the State sounds rough, but it doesn't mean any harm. What is harming tourism more is the poor facilities in towns and equally poor upkeep of the monuments in the state.

The famous lakes such as Surajkund Lake with stone age links and now-dried Bhadkal Lake of Faridabad have lost their glories and are dilapidated ruins. The only good thing that now happens here is the annual Surajkund Crafts Mela from 1st to 15th Feb every year. There is no air connectivity to Kurukshtra with the nearest airport being at Chandigarh about 100 kms away.

Visit Gurgaon : It is an international city with tall towers, big malls and beautiful buildings. Yet the city Haryana's gateway to the world, badly lacks in supporting infrastructure such as roads, sanitation, and continued power supply.

The neighbouring Sohna on the Aravalli ridges is a fine blend of suburban paddock and urban skyscrapers that overlooks the stunning Damdama Lake that shimmers like gold on a winter noon. But that needs to be promoted well.

Come to Ambala and you will be wonderstruck by this picturesque meeting point of the hills and plains. But there is no such initiative to develop it as a tourist destination. Kurukshetra, the ancient holy city and the birthplace of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Hindu's holiest scripture, offers a curious glimpse of our ancient history taking one on a journey to the land of Mahabharata. Poor roads and sanitation is a bane of this ancient holy city too. Similarly, Hissar, one of the prime centres of Harrappan era, is a testimony of ancient culture that underwent upheavals and conquests during medieval times.

Each of these places is beautiful and more than that, they all have a beautiful story to tell. Yet, they are not hot tourist destinations.

Last year the state Chief Minister himself conceded that 553 colonies in 16 districts of the state lacked civic amenities and infrastructure. These 16 districts included Ambala, Faridabad, Hisar, Sonipat,and Jind!

It is now time for Haryana to offer itself as a congenial place and a great tourism destination to the outside world. Only what is required is a firm will of the government authorities to promote them as tourist destinations.

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