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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Physical infrastructure in Haryana – is it really better than the best?

Physical infrastructure in Haryana – is it really better than the best?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

11th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The basic facility that you need to develop a proper industrial set up in a particular state and then help it progress the right way is a proper infrastructure. Haryana is a state that is well renowned for the industrial progress that it has achieved over the years. However, the question that really needs to be asked in this context is that, does the state really have a physical infrastructure that can be called better than the best, better than what others may see in other parts of India.

The micro, small and medium enterprises are the ones that can be truly described as the backbone of any geographical area's sustained economic growth. However, these companies have been some serious problems that have hampered their very existence as well as smooth operation. For the state to achieve proper economic progress it is imperative that this sector is properly attended to and the best infrastructure is made available them so that they can thrive and play their usual role in the state's progress.

The technical textile industry has also been facing problems with how they have been interpreting the various business related circulars being provided to them. Even for a year, the entire industry had been participating in a series of litigations pertaining to the matter. This area needs to be looked at carefully as well. As per a CAG report on the state, there are 66 infrastructural projects scheduled to be completed between Dec. 2007 and March 2013 are incomplete. This has already caused huge loss to the state exchequer due to time and cost overruns.

Most of the industries have a perpetual requirement of finances and this is where the state administration needs to play a more hands-on role to ensure that these companies, especially ones that have been declared as sick units, are provided money at lower rates of interest. Yet other important facilities, which have been lacking in the industrial areas, are the absence of sewerage connections as well as drinking water. The problem is more acute at the newer industrial areas that are coming up on a regular basis. There are certain steps that the government can take in order to ensure that Haryana experiences an all-round infrastructural development.

The government needs to play a more prominent role when it comes to conceptualizing and then executing various infrastructural projects. If the need be, it should not shy away from seeking the participation of private enterprises and also look to take money on loan from these units. This should however be done if the necessary amounts exceed the one that has been allocated in the state budget for these purposes. The government also needs to locate infrastructure projects where private bodies can take part and if the need be, provide incentives for excellence.

However, while involving private bodies it needs to be taken care that the end-users or the common people are not dissatisfied with the quality of the final product. For this the entire process needs to be made competitive and care needs to be taken that the involvement of the private entities happens in a progressive fashion.

As far as infrastructure development is concerned in the urban areas, the government needs to locate how technology can play a role in the same and then promote the usage of the same. Once again, the various bottlenecks, which hamper any progressive activity, need to be done away with and on an urgent basis. It is also important to choose which projects are of immediate importance and then prioritize them. This will help establish a proper sequence to be followed in these cases.

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