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Naya Haryana

Sun, 19 May 2019

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Palwal – facing its own chaos

Palwal – facing its own chaos, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

25th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Communal tension has been a theme common to India since the days of its independence and even before that. Perhaps given the immense variety of communities living in this vast country it is not an unexpected phenomenon. Haryana has been infamous for a lot of things but communal tension, till now, has not been one of them. However, very recently Palwal, a district in this north Indian district, has come under the effect of this sordid phenomenon.

The worrying sign is that the tension has not showed any signs of easing, in spite of peace offerings by the local authority as no side is ready to cede ground and look for a solution. Perhaps it is important that people understand that it is better to live in harmony than engineer chaos – it is better to find reasons to live together than to seek out causes for drifting apart. The word secular has to become a bigger term in this day and age and not just be limited to being a word in the Indian Constitution that people could not care less about.

Roadways are a problem as far as Palwal is concerned. In order to address this issue it is important that an expressway be built over here. One of the prerequisites for a stable and properly functioning industrial sector in any region is a good road or two because it helps in bringing in the raw materials and transporting the finished products to the places where they are supposed to be taken. With a well developed industrial sector this district will also see greater opportunities for work and thus more chances of prosperity for one and all.

Very recently a senior police officer in the district had been criticised severely by the Punjab and Haryana High Court for not fulfilling his duties properly and of gross negligence in adhering to court’s orders in a supposed corruption case. While the officer in question escaped somehow, it reflected a rather poor condition of the local administration. In the same case, it was also discovered that revenue officers working in the area had been in cahoots with property developers and also taken hold of land that belonged to the common people of the village.

It needs to be understood that the common people in these supposed backward regions need to be helped in any way possible and the government and its representatives can play the role better than anyone else. They should not be the ones that misuse their powers and oppress these hapless souls. The laws for punishing such miscreants should also be tougher so that they can be stopped at the very inception.

Like the rest of Haryana, Palwal too has a sex ratio that is tilted in favour of men. Men make up approximately 53% of the population. In terms of literacy as well they are ahead with 78% of the men being literate and for women the percentage drops down to 67%. In order for the district to progress the right way it is essential that this critical problem is addressed at the earliest. As far as the education side is concerned it is important that both girls and boys be given equal chances.

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