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Naya Haryana

Sun, 28 February 2021

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Need to bring in Next Generation Infrastructure in Haryana

Need to bring in Next Generation Infrastructure in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

11th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana's development trajectory can be compared to global standards, so far as the escalating rise of industries in haryana can be accounted for. In other words, the ushering of a strong and emerging capitalist economy in this North Indian state is crucial in giving Haryana the status of a world-class industrial hub. Industrial growth in any state or country is primarily accompanied with the latest technological advancements and robust infrastructural equipments that shape the accessibility of resources by the people in the most convenient and easy ways. One such key concept in latest technological boom is the Next Generation Infrastructure.

The Next Generation Infrastructure, as it is called, is the introduction of a set of major infrastructural changes in the industrial economy, that can make Haryana realise its full potential of achieving competitive, world-class standards. The Next Generation Infrastructure also presents a set of infrastructural solutions from across the globe that can help to combat industrial problems, but mainly address all issues of socio-economic, political, ecological and environmental challenges. The Next Generation Infrastructure is a forward-thinking manifesto that can act as a goldmine in shaping the future of Haryana and its people in quite remarkable ways.

The question to ask now is, can Haryana use and implement the Next Generation Infrastructure throughout the state, to achieve world standards of growth and development in the state? The immediate answer is yes, although there are some constraints. Let us look at the problems in some detail.

While corporate houses have invested large sums of money in implementing the Next Generation Infrastructure in Haryana, one must understand that in the socio-political milieu of the state, it is imperative that certain more pressing challenges are addressed first. For infrastructure to be enjoyed and made use of, the people of the state must be given the economic and social status of peace and prosperity. While it is true that the Next Generation Infrastructure is the fittest solution in this age of global urbanisation, Haryana's rural population alone accounts for 65.21% of the total population in the state those living in urban areas is only 34.79% population (according to the 2011 Census of India). Out of this, majority percentage of rural population, more than half the numbers, cannot access the basic amenities such as water and electricity, for instance. Policy-makers and government directives must take into account the fact that for the Next Generation Infrastructure to be successful, it is necessary that the poor rural sections of the society are given the means to access and utilise it. Next Generation Infrastructure must reach all strata of society, rich or poor. A Naya Haryana must ensure that equitable access opportunities are given in all quarters of the state uniformly.

The Next Generation Infrastructure in the booming state of Haryana, with its set of interconnected infrastructural systems, will help to rebuild not only Haryana, but also the rest of India. Naya Haryana must lead the way for the future prospects of the Next Generation Infrastructure to reach the other cities and states of the country. This way, the major environmental problems of pollution degradation of resources can be minimised, and more growth-inclusive economy in Haryana can be witnessed in the days to come.

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