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Naya Haryana

Tue, 19 January 2021

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Need of the Hour: Balanced Infrastructure Development

Need of the Hour: Balanced Infrastructure Development, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

5th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana, which now houses some of the fortune 500 companies, was almost non-existent two decades ago. It now has a plethora of shopping malls, multiplexes, discotheques, restaurants and luxury shops. Condominiums are sprouting on a daily basis. But, all this and many more developments are taking place only in the few regions of the state, Gurgaon being on the top of the list. Other cities like Rohtak, Panipat and Faridabad are not far away. It is being argued that these and a few more regions of the state have received more development impetus than the other regions of the state.

Most other parts of the state, let alone catching up, are far away from the adequate development. Developing a specific region is not argued, but developing it without developing others would only result in a lopsided development, which gives scope to uneven distribution of resources and socio-economic failure of the state. The development should take place in such a way that each region can be proud of its existence.

A state is known to progress only when it shows progress on all the scales such as availability of adequate irrigation facilities for farmers, easy accessibility to potable drinking water, sanitation, standard of education being delivered, access to public transport and many more. Unless these issues are addressed, the state will not do well on overall development index.

With the majority of people of the state still living in rural areas, there is a strong need to build better infrastructure in those regions. Infrastructure development in the rural areas will uplift the standard of living of the people of that region. It will improve the social-economic conditions of the people. All the regions of the state should be developed in parallel in order to reduce the gap of lopsided development and for better and even distribution of resources.

Infrastructure development should be done on need-to-need basis, so that the urgent need gets answered first. Well qualified and experienced people should be given the charge of implementing developmental programmes. Proper training and guidance should be provided to them for the correct and timely execution of any project.

Infrastructure development is also required in order to attract investments and foreign exchange. This will also culminate into more job opportunities for the youth. Development of roads, freight corridors, hospitals, educational institutions and linking of cities and villages, etc. in the rural areas will of course add to the overall development of the state.

Infrastructure development is not restricted to brick and concrete structures but beyond that as well. Having a better drainage system, reliable power supply, availability of water in the remotest place, good public transport system, etc. also falls within the purview of the better infrastructure. Even the relatively advanced regions of the state do not do well on these parameters.

The need of the hour is to improve the infrastructure not only in the advanced regions of the state but also in the far flung places of the state, along with going for the balanced development.


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